James May to rebuild a Kenwood food mixer for ‘slow’ BBC show

Do you get a weird satisfaction from watching middle-aged men slowly rebuild mundane household objects? Don’t worry - the BBC has your particular niche covered with its latest BBC Four show - James May: The Assembler.

The new series sees the former Top Gear host take apart and reassemble iconic household items from the past, including a Kenwood Chef food mixer, a Hornby Flying Scotsman railway set, and a Dansette - a record player with built-in speakers that hails from the 1950s.

The series will air on BBC Four over the Christmas holidays, and the BBC gives an idea of what to expect over the festive break:

"In each episode, he will focus on one object and carefully put it back together, screwing every screw, tightening every bolt and vigilantly rebuilding the object to its complete form."

It'll certainly sound screwy to some of you, and interminable to others, but these type of 'slow TV' programmes have done very well for the BBC. James May has already been on BBC Four reassembling objects including a lawnmower and a telephone, and last year, the channel aired a bus tour of the Yorkshire Dales that lasted two hours and featured no commentary. It was watched by close to a million people.

James May seems pretty enthused about the whole thing, saying: "To be honest, I'd probably be doing this even if no-one was filming it. There's a lot of false jeopardy in TV, but this is absolutely real; I really do stand there for hours putting things back together."

That said, this is no rose-tinted look at the detritus of the past. May said: "The great thing about reassembling bits of the past is that you're reminded of how terrible it all was. These are warnings from history - ignore them at your peril. It took me all bloody day to get that old record player back together.

"I celebrated by going out and buying a new tablet, with a massive memory."

Source: The Telegraph

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