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Louis Theroux to do two new BBC Two movies

ByKim Staples
Louis Theroux

BBC Two has commissioned two brand new films from Louis Theroux - one about alcohol addiction and another about brain injuries. Both will be based in the UK.

Drinking to Oblivion will see Louis head to King's College Hospital, where he'll meet patients suffering from alcohol addiction. By talking to patients, their families, and the medical staff at the hospital, he'll explore the "many and complex reasons why people become addicted to alcohol in the first place", and why it's so difficult for addicts to break free.

In his documentary on brain injuries, meanwhile, Louis will visit the staff and service users of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust. Acquired Brain Injury causes huge cognitive, behavioural, and personality changes to those who suffer it, which takes an enormous amount of rehabilitation. Louis will explore exactly what that all entails for the patients and their loved ones.

Adam Barker, channel editor for BBC Two, said: "BBC Two is delighted to welcome Louis Theroux back to the channel with a set of films covering British subjects with his usual penetrating documentary gaze and commitment to unpicking complex human dilemmas with highly sophisticated filmmaking."

It's a good season for documentaries on BBC - there's a brand new hard-hitting series called Reggie Yates: Worst Weeks on its way to BBC Three soon too.

Earlier this week, the presenter announced on Twitter that for the first episode he'll be doing time in a Texas prison. "How blurred is the line between mental health and criminality?" he asks.

Source: BBC

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