Netflix coming to TalkTalk TV - set your YouView box to ‘binge’

Have you got TalkTalk TV? Did you feel a pang of jealousy when we reported last week that BT TV customers would be able to enjoy Netflix on their YouView boxes by the end of the year? Well pang no more, because TalkTalk is going to provide Netflix as well.

If you've on either the Essentials TV or Plus TV package, you'll be able to watch films and TV series on-demand on your YouView or YouView+ box from early next year.

As well as the forthcoming arrival of Netflix. TalkTalk has announced a bunch of price reductions and extras to persuade you to sign up to TalkTalk TV in time for Christmas. And possibly to compensate for its imminent price rises.

It's halved the cost of Essentials TV to £4.25 a month and Plus TV to £9.25 a month for 12 months. Both packages are subject to £16.70 a month line rental and an 18-month contract.

And whether you're already on Plus TV or thinking about signing up, from next month you'll get a TalkTalk Mobile sim worth £90, which gives you 100 minutes of calls, 250 texts and 200Mb of mobile internet data.

Oh, and If you've already got TalkTalk TV, you can get all 11 Sky Movies channels both live and on-demand for free for one month from now until 10 November. Woof.

Tristia Harrison of TalkTalk said: "At TalkTalk we're on a mission to ensure every home across Britain can enjoy all the TV, broadband and technology they need, at a price they want. TV is such a huge part of Christmas and our half-price deal and exciting additions to the TV service are perfect for cash-conscious families."

For the uninitiated, Netflix is a popular streaming service, which allows you to watch films and TV either on your computer via your web browser, on your phone or tablet via an app or on your TV via Xbox, Wii, PlayStation, Virgin Media TiVo and now YouView.

It shows popular series such as Breaking Bad, Stargate SG-1 and The Vampire Diaries, and series it's produced itself, like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black, both of which have received accolades from critics and viewers alike.

If you've got TalkTalk TV, you can find out exactly when Netflix is available by registering at

Source: TalkTalk blogblog

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