Everyone's favourite streaming service could soon be getting an update

Everyone’s favourite streaming service could soon be getting a long-awaited update that allows customers to download films and TV shows to watch while out and about.

Netflix big wigs have hinted at an update that will let you download your favourite shows straight to your device so you can watch them offline later - much like the feature that BBC iPlayer and All 4 have been offering for years.

In theory, this is great - you wouldn't have to get an obscenely large data package in order to watch Netflix on the go.

Don't get your hopes up too high though, as Ted Sarandos, the company's chief content officer merely hinted at the well overdue download dream, stating the Netflix is only "looking at" offline viewing. I've been "looking at" refreshing my wardrobe for about three years now, so I don't have too much hope for the Netflix revamp arriving anytime soon.

Not to crush expectations further, but if and when offline viewing arrives, it's only likely to be available in developing countries - i.e. not the UK. Sarandos said that "In developing countries they have adapted their behaviours to more of a downloading culture".

We're not so sure that Sandaros really grasps how keen the UK is for downloadable Netflix.

Ultimately, downloading shows just doesn't seem like a priority to the decision makers at Netflix. If we're honest, it's unlikely that our dreams of watching Netflix on the train will become a reality anytime soon.

Source: Telegraph

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