New Alan Partridge-fronted documentary to air on Sky Atlantic

Fans of Alan Partridge rejoice. Norfolk’s favourite son will return to UK screens in May for a one-off documentary special: Alan Partridge’s Scissored Isle.

The show, which airs on Sky Atlantic on 30 May, sees Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge attempting to redeem himself after a typically controversial incident on his radio show. Desperate to make amends, Alan ventures to the north with his Land Rover and dog to find out whether a schism or chasm - or 'schasm' as he calls it - has formed between the have and have nots.

Alan will interact with supermarket staff, payday lenders, street gangs and food scavenging 'freegans', so he can learn to understand them better, see the world through their eyes and become a better person as a result.

Steve Coogan said: "It's great to see Alan tackle the big issues of poverty and disenfranchised youth with the same clumsy ham-fistedness we would usually expect from George Osborne."

Of course, this isn't the first time Sky Atlantic has featured Coogan's comedy creation - last year it aired the second series of Alan Partridge's Mid Morning Matters. The new documentary shares much of the talent - it will be produced by Ted Dowd (who's also worked on Moone Boy and Gavin and Stacy) and written by Rob Gibbons, Neil Gibbons and Steve Coogan.

Zai Bennett, Director of Sky Atlantic, commented: "Alan is back on our screens and this latest incarnation of Partridge looks to be the best yet!"

Source: Sky

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