Ofcom reveals most complained-about TV and broadband providers

The latest Ofcom customer complaints report is out, revealing which pay-TV and broadband providers were most complained about between July and September 2015.


BT TV generated was the most-moaned about subscription TV service during that period, with 25 complaints per 100,000 people. That's increased from the previous quarter, when Ofcom recorded 11 per 100,000.

The most common complaints were fault, service and provision issues - 31% of complaints were about those problems. Complaints handling was also criticised (25%), as were issues relating to billing, prices and charges (22%).

TalkTalk performed much as it did the previous quarter, with 14 complaints per 100.000. Virgin Media also performed much the same as in the previous report, with five complaints per 100,000 - that matches the industry average.

All of which means Sky was the least-complained about provider, with just two complaints per 100,000 people.


When it comes to broadband, EE was once again the most complained-about provider, generating 45 complaints per 100,000 people. Around 40% of complaints were about faults, service and provision, but billing, pricing and charges and how it handled complaints were also highlighted as problem areas. The number of complaints didn't increase though, so the provider's holding steady.

Plusnet and BT also saw complaints increase in the last quarter. Plusnet increased to 37 per 100,000 customers, from 20 last quarter. BT generated 35 complaints per 100,000, up from 22 in the previous period. In both cases, Ofcom reported that faults, service and provision issues were responsible for the extra unhappiness.

TalkTalk's next, with 33 complaints per 100,000. Again, that's an increase on the last quarter, and above the industry average of 22.

That average is brought down by Sky and Virgin Media. In the recorded quarter, Sky generated just seven complaints per 100,000 people - although that's another increase from the 5 recorded in the previous report.

Virgin Media complaints actually decreased between July and September though, with just six complaints for every 100,000 people.

Virgin Media's CEO, Tom Mockridge, responded to the report, saying: "With our customer focus and our superior network, we are pleased to come out as the UK's least complained about bundled communications provider. This is why more people than ever are sticking with Virgin Media and we remain focused on delivering the best service for our customers."

Source: Ofcom

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