Simon Amstell to direct feature film for iPlayer

“I have written and directed a film about veganism. I’m sorry,” Simon Amstell said in a statement about his latest project.

Carnage - Swallowing the Past will arrive on BBC iPlayer thisyear, but the film is actually set in a utopian 2067 - a world wheneating meat and using animal products has been completely phasedout.

Narrated by Amstell himself, the film looks back at that crazytime in the past when it was normal to eat animals, drinkmilk, and cook with animal products. Young people find itunthinkable, and older folks are in therapy to cope with memoriesof the horrible industry.

Sounds bleak, but the Beeb assures us it's a comedy. One thateven hardened carnivores will enjoy, in fact.

Along with the apologetic comedian, it's got a ratherhigh-profile cast too, including Joanna Lumley, Martin Freeman,Dame Eileen Atkins, and Gemma Jones, with Kirsty Wark and LorraineKelly chipping in to play themselves.

In a slightly more serious statement, iPlayer head of contentVictoria Jaye said: "In a culture obsessed by what's on our plates,Simon Amstell's film Carnage imaginatively challenges our attitudetowards eating meat, fish and cheese triangles."

BBC Studios EP Janet Lee added that the film has been "a greatopportunity for BBC Studios to make ground-breaking content for BBCiPlayer and work cross genre".

Carnage will premiere some time in the spring on iPlayer only,as part of the service's branching out into a wider array ofdigital content. So long as you've got a TV license, you can watchit online, through your TV set top box, or on your smartphone ortablet via the app.

Source: BBC

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