Sky invests in online network Whistle Sports to get kids into sport

Satellite TV titan Sky has bought a $7million (£4.3 million) stake in Whistle Sports, the biggest online sports video network in the world, in order to produce videos for younger people with the aim of helping them get into both popular and niche sports.

The venture will focus particularly on "young millennials". We've got no idea what that means, but we're guessing it's a highfalutin way of saying 'people born post-millennium'.

So, what exactly does Whistle Sports do? Well, it's bread and butter is teaming up with "online personalities" to make "unique" sports-themed videos for kids and teenagers and what not.

Whistle Sports has previously done stuff with basketball player Jeremy Lin (we've heard of him!), ultimate frisbee-er Brodie Smith (erm…) and Dude Perfect (a sports brand, not a person, apparently - we feel so old).

The network has a growing library of videos covering mainstream sports like American football, baseball, basketball and even proper football and "emerging" sports including ultimate Frisbee, skateboarding and football freestyle, whatever the blazers that is.

Whistle Sports uses its network to create viral videos with sports stars and venues, which are shared across a bunch of platforms, including YouTube and Xbox. It has more than 8.3 million subscribers, over 192 channels and more than 1.25 billion views.

Sky Sports managing director, Barnet Francis, said: "We see lots of potential to harness Sky Sports' content and relationships with major sports bodies and brands to work alongside Whistle Sports' talent network."

If all this has made you think Sky Sports might be showing live Barclays Premier League matches or Formula One races on YouTube in the near future, don't hold your breath.

However, if you do want to watch Sky Sports online, there are a bunch of ways you can do it. On your phone with Sky Sports Mobile TV, Sky Go and NOW TV, and on your tablet, laptop and Xbox 360 with Sky Go and NOW TV.

Sources: Proactive Investors, Sky

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