Twitter can now tell you what TV you should be watching

EE is blurring the lines between social media and TV, with its new set-top box, which uses Twitter trends to encourage you to turn on your TV and get watching.

The broadband and TV provider knows that most people are on their phone while watching TV these days, so it's made the bold decision to use Twitter to direct customers towards what they might want to watch on TV.

The way it works is fairly simple - five of the top-trending shows on Twitter will stand out and be highlighted within the TV guide interface. On the face of it, this seems like a great idea. You can see what's highlighted and hop on the trend, meaning you'll be clued up when everyone is talking about 'that bit' of 'that show' the next day.

There are a couple of unforeseen downsides though. The system is probably going to be fully automated, meaning that whatever TV show is trending on Twitter, is going to be suggested to you to watch. If Sharknado is having a re-run on Film4 at 10pm on a Friday and lots of people are talking about it - you're going to be notified.

The show might be highlighted, but as of now the system is unable to give you any indication as to whether or not it's worth tuning in for.

Still, we can see this being great for winter evenings when you just want to sit back and watch some light TV, without having to give it much thought. I'm a Celebrity is trending on a cold Sunday evening, and your brand new EE box is telling you just get involved? Oh go on then, why not.

Source: Tech Radar

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