UK most ‘technologically advanced’ TV-watchers in the world. Go us!

This Christmas, loads of us will gather round the telly to watch the traditional Doctor Who or Strictly specials. But we may not be doing so the day they air - we’ll be using iPlayer. That’s why the Ofcom says Brits are the most ‘technologically advanced’ telly-watchers in the world.

But what does that mean exactly? Well, an Ofcom study found that a massive 70% of UK adults watch catch-up TV from a major free-to-air broadcaster in the last month. That's significantly more than any of the other countries cities in the research.

The joint second biggest catcher-uppers were France and Italy - but only 52% regularly use services in these countries. Spain was third with just over half of people (51%) watching catch-up TV in the last month.

Ofcom also found that the number of people watching catch-up TV on tablets is shooting up. More than half of us now own a tablet, and 16% use it watch telly. Again, that puts the UK in first place, just ahead of Italy, which is at 14%.

Loads of us watch TV and films on other on-demand services like Netflix or Now TV too. The research found that 81% of people in the UK use some form on on-demand TV service, compared to 76% in Spain and Italy.

All that on-demand viewing has had an impact on regular TV, of course. Ofcom recorded a bigger decline in linear TV viewing in the UK than any other country. On average we watch 220 minutes of TV a day - down 4.9% from this time last year.

That said, standard TV still makes up the bulk of our viewing, averaging three hours and 13 minutes. Services like iPlayer account for just 27 minutes, so catch-up TV still has a lot of… erm, catching up to do.

Source: The Guardian

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