Ultra HD Premium TV sets abound at CES

Samsung, Sony, LG, and Panasonic have all announced new flagship televisions at this year’s CES technology conference, and the words on everyone’s lips are ‘Ultra HD Premium’.

Ultra HD Premium is a new standard set by the Ultra HD Alliance, and to earn the coveted label a TV must have a 4K resolution and meet certain standards of HDR or high dynamic range.

4K resolution means a screen as four times as many pixels as a 1080p (or Full HD) one, and HDR is a technique used in imaging that produces a great range of luminosity on images. Once you brush aside the jargon there, the upshot is this: pictures look closer to how they would look in real life.

In other words, Ultra HD Premium TVs are super sharp, super clear, and super detailed.

David Mercer of research firm Strategy Analytics, welcomes the new tech. He said: "The combination of having the extra levels of contrast between white and black and the increased range of colours really does take TV to next level. We've always said selling Ultra HD to the public had to be about more than just the number of pixels. Once you've seen the full capabilities of HDR you never want to go back."

Different manufacturers are using different methods to create the sharpness of Ultra HD Premium, but the effect is largely the same to most of us. Samsung's offering, for instance, uses an LCD display with 'quantum dots' - tiny nano-crystals that emit different colours of light.

Both BT and Sky released 4K-enabled set top boxes earlier this year, so it's fair to say that we're likely to see more Ultra HD make its way to our homes.

Source: BBC | TechRadar

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