Virgin Media tease big reveal… is it the 4K TiVo?

Virgin Media has announced it will hold an event on 30 November for… something. The company’s staying tight-lipped about what it’s going to unveil, but smart money’s on it being the much-anticipated 4K TiVo set top box.

We've been waiting for Virgin Media to launch the V6 4K TiVo boxfor a while - back in May, the company announced that the newtechnology would be out this year. Then, in August, it posted aphoto of the box on its corporate Twitter page, with the promise of"more to come soon".

That move was clearly a reaction to Sky's own 4K set top box,Sky Q, which was revealed around the same time.

There's no word over how much Virgin's 4K TiVo box will cost, orhow its basic service will differ from its current one outside ofimproved image quality. When Sky Q launched, it brought with it ahost of extra features, including the ability to stop and resumeshows in different rooms, and loads of exclusive on demandcontent.

It'll be interesting to see if and how Virgin Media can respond.There's also a small question about how much demand there currentlyis for 4K - particularly since there's still not much to watch atthat resolution, save for a few football games and movies.

Still, 4K is the very near future of TV - it may not bewidespread yet, but it likely will be within a few years. IfVirgin Media's taking another step towards it, consider usexcited.

Source: Pocket Lint

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