Vodafone will launch TV service in the UK before April 2016

Vodafone’s latest financial report has revealed that the provider plans to launch a TV service in the UK before April next year. The addition of TV to its portfolio will make the company the latest ‘quad-play’ operator in the UK.

In the Vodafone report, the company says that it will launch TV before the end of the financial year - in other words, before March 31 2016. It's not a major part of the report, but the TV launch is mentioned multiple times - later on the report reiterates "our new TV service to follow in Q4."

Vodafone only launched its new broadband packages nationwide last month. Three are available - standard ADSL, superfast fibre with speeds up to 38Mb and an even faster fibre package that goes up to 76Mb.

All contracts are 18-months, and Vodafone mobile customers get a £5 discount on the monthly bill. Plus there are other perks for Vodafone Red customers, including inclusive calls to landlines on home phone, and 300 minutes for mobile calls.

Price-wise, Vodafone is comparable to the likes of BT and Sky for broadband. The provider does have some unique tricks up its sleeve, however.

For example, its Vodafone Connect app lets you prioritise Wi-Fi speeds to different devices. So, for example, if you're downloading something on your computer, you can send a bit of extra bandwidth that way to give it a little kick up the proverbial. You can also choose to disconnect various devices at set times of the day, such as bedtime.

Source: The Next Web

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