What’s the UK’s favourite TV on-demand service?

Ofcom’s latest Communications Market Report is out, and it reveals that six out of 10 of us use ‘video on demand’ services for watching TV. So which are our favourites?

Well, once again, the on-demand app that Brits are using more than any other is BBC iPlayer, with 32% of us having watched it in the second half of last year. That's pretty much the same as 2014, when an average of 31% of us watched it.

Next up is on-demand Sky services - like Sky Go and Sky Box Sets - at a solid 16%, and Netflix, which has grown by six whole percentage points since the start of 2014.

Overall, the most popular on-demand TV services are:

1. BBC iPlayer - 32% of Brits watched it
2. Sky services - 16%
3. Netflix - 16%
4. All4 - 14%
5. ITV Hub - 13%
6. My5 - 10%
7. Amazon Prime Instant Video - 9%
8. Virgin Media services - 6%
9. Now TV - 4%
10. BT TV - 3%
11. TalkTalk TV - 2%

We're likely to see a bit of a shift in which ones are most popular when the next report comes out - Now TV will probably grow since it's launched broadband too, and iPlayer will only be available to households with a TV licence.

Interestingly, the on-demand services that saw the most growth this year are the ones that are paid for, like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Netflix in particular is doing rather well: 23% of us used it in the last week alone, compared with only 13% in 2015.

So why are we using on-demand streaming services? Simple - it's because we want to watch some good TV. The number one reason Brits gave for taking out a Netflix or Amazon subscription was to access a back catalogue of TV programmes and movies. Now TV users likewise cited the newly-released movies available to watch with a Sky Cinema Pass.

And what are we watching on-demand? Breaking Bad, of course. In the last quarter of 2015 alone, the UK watched 33,142 minutes of Breaking Bad, making it the most-watched on-demand show in the country. It's followed by Orange is the New Black at 30,385 minutes, Sons of Anarchy at 23,339, Narcos at 21,302, and The Walking Dead at 20,786.

Source: Ofcom

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