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  • Sky calls for end to Virgin Media ‘stop the con’ campaign

    Broadband rivals Sky and Virgin Media have come to blows over the cable provider’s “stop the con” broadband speeds campaign. More »

  • Government to create superfast broadband 'zones'

    The government is hoping to stimulate UK growth by creating 21 “Enterprise Zones” with superfast internet connections. More »

  • OAPs need help getting online

    Internet-savvy Brits must help the millions of UK OAPs who’ve never been online to feel more socially connected by using the web, according to charity Age UK. More »

  • Faster ‘4G’ mobile broadband coming soon

    Your mobile broadband connection could become significantly faster from 2013, thanks to moves by Ofcom. More »

  • BE promises not to slow down your broadband

    BE Broadband has reiterated its pledge never to slow down customers connections by using traffic management technology. More »

  • Consumers confused by Wi-Fi security

    40% of home broadband users are leaving themselves vulnerable to fraud and hackers because they do not understand their wireless security. More »

  • BT picks new boss for superfast broadband

    There’s a new boss in charge at BT, to ensure two-thirds of the UK has fibre broadband by 2015. More »

  • 100Mb Virgin Media broadband available in one million homes

    Your odds are improving if you’ve been waiting for 100Mb Virgin Media broadband, as it’s now available to one million UK homes, from Trowbridge to Greenock. More »

  • Isolated farmers to get £20m broadband boost

    Local broadband projects will now become a reality for some of the UK’s most digitally-disadvantaged farmers. More »

  • Broadband speed: providers reveal why they slow you down

    New rules will explain everything you need to know about traffic management on your broadband package. More »

  • Wi-Fi makes your broadband 30% slower

    If you want a faster broadband connection, you might be better ditching Wi-Fi and using a cable to attach your laptop to your router. More »

  • BT to drop fair usage policy

    BT customers will be able to enjoy unlimited broadband when the provider lifts its fair usage policy next month. More »

  • TalkTalk launches advanced speed checker

    TalkTalk’s new speed tester allows customers to get the best broadband speed possible on their line. More »

  • 70% of small companies on wrong broadband

    Over two thirds of small UK businesses are wasting money and time by relying on a home broadband connection, according to new research. More »

  • Virgin Media outperforms BT on broadband speed claims

    Virgin Media outperforms BT Infinity by delivering more of its advertised speeds than its rival. More »

  • Typical broadband speeds are 'meaningless', says BT

    Forcing broadband providers to advertise typical speeds "would be highly misleading", telecoms giant BT has claimed. More »

  • Plusnet begins free 20Mb speed upgrade

    More than 60% of Plusnet customers are set for a free broadband speed upgrade, the provider has revealed. More »

  • Ofcom in bid to end rollover contracts

    Rollover landline and broadband contracts, such as those offered by BT, are to be banned under new Ofcom rules. More »

  • Orange slashes iPad price to just £99

    Get a cut-price iPad for just £99 when you sign a 24-month contract with Orange mobile broadband. More »

  • Regulator cracks down on 'up to' broadband speed claim

    Brits should get a more accurate idea of the broadband speed they’ll actually get from broadband advertisements, regulator Ofcom says. More »