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  • BT launches free service to deal with nuisance calls

    If you’re fed up your phone blaring all hours of the day with automated messages or other nuisance calls, then here’s some very good news indeed. BT’s just launched… More »

  • Hampshire to invest £7.8 million in superfast broadband

    The next phase of Hampshire Superfast Broadband’s project - which aims to bring speedy broadband to as much as Hampshire as possible - is ready to get underway, injecting… More »

  • Sky Mobile is now available on broadbandchoices

    Sky’s new mobile service is now listed on broadbandchoices. The new SIM-only service uses the O2 network and has some pretty attractive features, including data rollover and discounts for… More »

  • BBC iPlayer has best ever week in the run up to New Year

    While most of us were sleeping off the excesses of Christmas, BBC iPlayer was working harder than ever. The catch-up TV service broke records, recording its best ever week… More »

  • Sky broadband line rental to increase on 1 March

    Sky broadband customers will have to pay a bit more each month come March. It’s been revealed that the provider will raise the price of its line rental at… More »

  • New HTC phone has two screens, but no headphone jack

    HTC has just announced a new smartphone - the HTC U Ultra. The new handset has flagship level specs, and some unique quirks to make it stand out -… More »

  • Second phase of Northumberland fibre optic rollout begins

    The iNorthumberland project, which aims to make superfast internet connections available across the region, has started its next phase. The £4.1 extension to the project will bring fibre optic… More »

  • BBC announces plans to revamp iPlayer

    The BBC has announced that iPlayer will be redesigned over the next few years. The broadcaster wants the catch-up service to evolve to the point where it can directly… More »

  • BT Sport to air NBA Global Game on Freeview and Facebook

    Basketball fans rejoice: the NBA Global Games London 2017 will be broadcast live for free, thanks to BT Sport. The service will simulcast the game as it happens on… More »

  • Virgin Media signs five year mobile deal with BT

    Virgin Media has signed a new deal with BT to keep using the EE network. The broadband and mobile provider looked at signing with other networks, including Three and… More »

  • City of London to get ultrafast public Wi-Fi

    The Square Mile in the middle of the City of London wants to get high-powered public Wi-Fi - with ultrafast speeds up to a huge 1Gb, or 1,000 megabits… More »

  • British TV nabs top prizes at Golden Globes

    The Golden Globe awards have been very kind to British TV this year - well, if we’re talking about The Night Manager and The Crown, that is. Together, the… More »

  • Government may use church spires for satellite broadband, report says

    Your local chapel might be the key to better broadband, it turns out. According to a new report, the government is considering the use of church spires in its… More »

  • Nokia launches new smartphone… but only in China

    A bit of a step up from the old 3310, mobile company Nokia has finally revealed its new, first-ever own-brand smartphone - but it’ll only be for sale in… More »

  • Which Formula 1 races are on Sky and Channel 4 in 2017?

    The TV calendar for the 2017 Formula One season has been revealed. Half of the races are still exclusive to Sky, but for the first time since 2012, the… More »

  • Welsh government criticised for poor primary school broadband

    The Welsh government has come under fire for failing to provide decent broadband to 28 primary schools in Wales. Connectivity is said to be so bad that pupils aren’t… More »

  • Asus unveils AR smartphone with crazy high specs

    It’s that CES time of year again, and that means companies are breaking out their more innovative new smartphones. For Asus, that's two new ZenFones - one of which… More »

  • Prime Minister to give exclusive interview on new Sky weekend show

    Sky will launch a new Sunday morning programme this weekend, and it’s starting with a bang - an exclusive interview with the Prime Minister. It will be Theresa May’s… More »

  • New BlackBerry smartphone revealed at CES

    When BlackBerry made the decision to end smartphone production last year, many thought it was finally game over for the once kings of mobile. But BlackBerry’s not out of… More »

  • Sherlock beats Queen’s speech in festive TV ratings

    BBC’s Sherlock was officially the most-watched programme of the festive period this year, with new figures showing that a whopping 8.1 million of us tuned in to watch it. More »