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  • POV on ASA ruling on advertising transparency

    We wholly support and welcome the ASA’s ruling – indeed, it is something we have been speaking to Ofcom about for some time, so it is great to finally… More »

  • POV: councils complain over misleading broadband ads

    The Local Government Association (LGA), which represents 370 local councils in England and Wales, has criticised the way that broadband providers advertise their speeds, saying it’s “misleading” - especially… More »

  • Vodafone shop front

    POV on Vodafone ‘abolishing’ line rental charges

    Vodafone have recently announced they will be ‘abolishing’ line rental charges for fibre broadband packages - by merging broadband and line rental into a single monthly cost. More »

  • ofcom logo

    POV on Ofcom proposing easier methods for switching

    Telecoms regulator Ofcom has put forward proposals to make it easier for to switch your broadband, landline, or pay-tv provider, including those on non-Openreach networks. Other consumer services are… More »

  • BT Openreach van

    POV on Openreach to be a separate BT Group company

    After its full consultation, Ofcom says that Openreach does not need to be split off from BT entirely – but it should be a distinct company within the BT… More »

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