POV on Ofcom proposing easier methods for switching

ByKim Staples
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Telecoms regulator Ofcom has put forward proposals to make it easier for to switch your broadband, landline, or pay-tv provider, including those on non-Openreach networks. Other consumer services are well ahead of the communications sector when it comes to switching – it’s about time they were brought up to speed.

The barriers facing consumers when trying to get a better deal from a different provider are not only complicated but also not necessary. The provider losing the customer to another service are responsible for handling the cancellation - this means there is next to no incentive for them to make it a quick and easy process for the customer.

We believe making the new provider responsible for the switch is a step in the right direction and encourage 


- Mark Irwin, MD, broadbandchoices


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Harriet Orme, PR Associate on 020 7400 7403/ harriet.orme@decision.tech




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