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  • Laptop with speed dial

    UK average broadband speed tables 2019

    Want to know how good average download speeds are in your area? On this page, we've listed average download speeds across UK towns and cities. Have a look… More »

  • Woman sitting outside

    Top 10 beautiful remote places in the UK with mobile broadband

    These days, working remotely doesn’t have to involve greasy spoons and crowded coffee shops. In fact, some of the most beautiful locations in the UK offer decent mobile broadband… More »

  • Hand holding compass

    Data Outage survival guide: Creating your connectivity bunker

    With instant access to the internet consistently at people’s fingertips, data usage is often taken for granted. More »

  • Save money in the UK

    How to avoid end of term price rises

    Mark Pocock, our home comms expert, tells you how to avoid end of term price rises. More »

  • BT Vs Sky Winners - Losers

    League Table Reveals Luckiest TV Channels by team – With Liverpool performing best on BT

    Two league tables for games aired on BT Sport and Sky Sports, reveal that Liverpool were luckiest when playing live on BT, whilst Man City topped the league table… More »

  • Football

    The cost of your football season ticket (to the pub)

    New research from broadbandchoices has revealed the cost of a football season ticket for fans of the 20 teams watching either at the pub, or from the comfort of… More »

  • Brits think 'showing off' is the most irritating social media habit

    We recently conducted a survey commissioned by Populus in order to find out which types of posts on social media people in the UK consider to be the most… More »

  • UK coins

    The impact of the internet on charity donations in the UK

    Following a weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, today is a day of generosity – Giving Tuesday. With that in mind we conducted a survey to find… More »

  • BBC Watchdog on advertised broadband speeds

    As one of the leading broadband comparison sites in the UK, broadbandchoices regularly produces practical guides and advice about how to improve broadband and deal with providers. After watching… More »

  • broadbandchoices logo

    Fundraising to improve technology at Greenways schools

    In September we teamed up with Ralloo, a UK based micro-sponsorship platform, to fundraise for The Federation of Greenways Schools (FOTS). The Parent-Teacher Association of FOTS will use the… More »

  • New ASA ruling makes broadband pricing more transparent

    From 31 October 2016, new rules from the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) mean that broadband providers will no longer list line rental as a separate charge. Prices may appear… More »

  • Is the digital age making us less sociable?

    In the UK, 98% of us own a mobile phone – yet only 13% use it to make phone calls as the preferred method of communication. In a recent… More »

  • Are we a nation addicted to tech?

    It is widely acknowledged that we’re now living in the digital age and the internet has become a necessity in everyday lives. With more people not only choosing to… More »

  • Piggy bank

    Cost clarity on broadband deals

    Finding a good broadband deal can be tricky – and unfortunately there is no ‘one size fits all’ package. A very wide range of choice, not always knowing what’s… More »

  • The real cost of broadband

    Steadily increasing line rental charges in the UK have been masked by falling prices for broadband services, leaving many consumers confused about what they will actually end up paying… More »

  • Relish - The new communications provider for London

    Relish is now listed on Broadbandchoices and partner websites. In working together, more people will discover that there is now a better way to get broadband in central London.… More »

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