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Finding a good broadband deal can be tricky – and unfortunately there is no ‘one size fits all’ package. A very wide range of choice, not always knowing what’s available does not help the customer find the right deal. A lack of clarity on cost has increasingly become a major issue when selecting the best deal for them.

Recent research commissioned by ASA and Ofcom has put the spotlight on issues over how broadband costs are advertised to customers. Often broadband price and line rental cost are listed separately which both misleads and confuses people. With 77% of the participants unable to correctly identify the total cost each month when presented with a deal*, changes need to be made and cost clarity is needed.

Broadbandchoices is the leading Ofcom-approved comparison site, and welcomes the suggestions Ofcom and ASA have made, and believes simplifying costs would markedly benefit the consumer. It is worth pointing out that it is already possible on our website to view the total monthly cost by selecting the 'include line rental' option.

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To help people take advantage of what's on offer, broadbandchoices hand-pick the best deals on the market right now. We outline the main benefits of each deal, making it really easy to find the perfect package based on what is most important to the individual - cost, usage limit, download speed or contract length, we cover it all!


**The line rental charges from all major providers were analysed in August 2009 and Oct 2015, revealing an average increase in price of 73%.

***Saving based on switching from separate broadband and phone services to a comparable bundle. Separate services assume standard ongoing annual costs. Example: Sky Original TV with fibre broadband and calls with line rental - total annual cost £676.80 vs. Virgin Media's "The Big Easy" TV , fibre broadband and weekend calls - £12.99 a month for 12 months - with line rental total first year cost £359.76. Total first year saving £317.04. Terms and conditions apply. All prices subject to geographic availability and offer dates. Information correct at 10/07/2015.


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