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In September we teamed up with Ralloo, a UK based micro-sponsorship platform, to fundraise for The Federation of Greenways Schools (FOTS). The Parent-Teacher Association of FOTS will use the money raised to improve technology across their school.

Why we did it:

Information and communication technology is undoubtedly an integral part of children's education today, and an area we wanted to play a role in supporting. According to Andreas Schleicher, OECD education director, 'students unable to navigate through a complex digital landscape will no longer be able to participate fully in the economic, social and cultural life around them.'[i] As Ofcom approved experts in broadband, phone, TV and mobile phone comparison we couldn't think of a more fitting cause.

How we did it:

Through social media, users were asked to complete a set of 7 sponsor engagement actions to earn money for the project. For every set of actions completed we donated £5, without asking for a penny from users. People were asked to 'like' our pages, share the campaign and answer a couple of questions.

The outcome:

We received great support from the local community and managed to raise £920. Dan Ager, VP at Greenways Federation of Schools told us: 'Greenways really enjoyed embracing a new way to generate funds for the school and are thankful to Broadbandchoices for their support.  It enabled us to reach a new group of digital-friendly parents and easily raised the profile of new and fun initiatives we're running as a school." 

Additionally for a bit of fun, we asked users to tell us what they thought the biggest millennial tech problem is. No Wi-Fi in public places came in first, closely followed by not having phone signal and mobile battery life. We also found that 70% of respondents turn to Google when they encounter tech problems, whilst the rest go to professionals, online communities, and of course, their children! 

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