League Table Reveals Luckiest TV Channels by team – With Liverpool performing best on BT

BT Vs Sky Winners - Losers

Two league tables for games aired on BT Sport and Sky Sports, reveal that Liverpool were luckiest when playing live on BT, whilst Man City topped the league table for games played live on Sky. Relegated Stoke failed to win a single game on Sky in 10 attempts of the televised games, whilst eight teams failed to win at all on BT Sport.

  • Liverpool top league table for games played on BT Sport
  • Man City top league table for games played on Sky Sports
  • Curse of Sky: Relegated Stoke City only team not to win a single game, out of 10 played
  • Newcastle and Bournemouth among teams not to rack up a win on BT Sport last year
  • Goals Galore: Sky has a higher goal per game ratio than BT Sport

The research was conducted by the team at broadbandchoices.co.uk, who analysed the results of 2017/2018 Premier League games televised on both BT Sports and Sky Sports, creating league tables for both channels.

The findings put Liverpool at the top of the BT table with an 85.71% win ratio, whilst Man City sit at the top of the Sky table with a 75% win ratio on the network’s channels. Comparatively, Liverpool sat 8th in the Sky League Table, with only 35% of televised games won on the Sky channels, whilst Man City were narrowly positioned second in the BT Sports table, with 83.33%.

Highfliers in the Sky league table include Burnley in 4th place and Brighton, who came 7th; compared to their true league positions of 7th and 15th respectively.

Stoke City are the 6th luckiest team when their games are played on BT Sports channels, with a 50% win ration, but sit bottom of the Sky league table with no wins in 10 attempts.

Bournemouth, Brighton, Burnley, Crystal Palace, Newcastle, Swansea, West Brom and West Ham all failed to win a single game played on BT Sport channels. Conversely, Liverpool, Man City, Stoke and Southampton remain unbeaten on BT, winning all games televised on those channels. All 20 teams suffered at least one loss when their games were played on Sky.

Sky Sports channels aired more games than BT Sport; 126 compared to BT’s 42. Sky had a higher goal per game ratio than their rivals, with 2.9 goals per game compared to Sky’s 2.7.

Commenting on the findings of the study, Vix Leyton, consumer expert at www.broadbandchoices.co.uk said:

“Football fans are a superstitious bunch, so when they consider the odds of their team winning, they might want to look at what channels they are going to be playing on, as the channels seem to treat some teams better than others. Those looking at the form by channel will have even more complications next year when Amazon take a share of some of the games.

“From a logistics point of view, the lack of clarity on which channel is showing what also makes it really tricky to design what sports package is right for your home, but the good news is there have never been more options to be flexible with how you watch – from pick and mix TV packages to the Now TV weekend passes that allow you to pay as you go and decide which ones you watch at home, watch at the pub, or in the stands. Last year, the most expensive team to support from the pub was crowned as Arsenal, where 22 trips to the pub to see them would cost fans, on average, £728.20. When you look at it like that, might be an easier argument at home to make your sports package an essential buy.”

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