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AOL Broadband hasn’t yet revealed plans to provide customers with a fibre broadband connection, despite its sister company TalkTalk now offering customers a "fibre boost"


AOL Broadband's plans for fibre broadband

Despite having the same parent company, unlike its sister company TalkTalk (, which offers customers a "fibre boost," AOL Broadband is yet to launch a product.

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Government £830million superfast plans

In 2010, the then culture secretary Jeremy Hunt outlined the government's £830million strategy to place the UK at the forefront of broadband provision by 2015. Plans include the development of a "digital hub" in every community in the UK.

Benefits of fibre

Unlike traditional copper wire, fibre optic cable does not suffer such significant decline in connection speeds as distance from the telephone exchange increases. Fibre optic cable is designed to transfer massive amounts of data at lightning fast speeds.

This is why fibre optic broadband is described as 'future-proof'.

The benefits of fibre optic broadband are:

  • Its ability to support multiple users at the same time with no slowing of connection speeds
  • Average connection speeds much closer to the advertised 'up to' speeds - usually between 85-100% of the top speed
  • Fast and reliable connections allowing for rapid downloads - just minutes for even a high-definition (HD) feature film
  • No more buffering delays during music and TV streaming or during online gaming

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