BT Broadband

Why choose BT?

  • UK's most powerful Wi-Fi signal - super reliable home Wi-Fi
  • Get speeds of up to 76Mb with the BT Smart Hub
  • Add BT Sport to Broadband and TV packages!
  • Get up to 100GB Cloud storage - secure storage for important files

BT: Unlimited Broadband + Calls

£26.99 p/m for 12 months
£9.99 setup costs, 12 month contract

£60 BT Reward Card - see BT's website for further details
  • Get a £60 BT reward card!
  • Truly Unlimited downloads
  • Hurry ends 28th September!

BT broadband: The complete guide

When it comes to broadband providers, you won’t find bigger than BT. It has arguably the widest range of options - comprising home internet with tons of extras, such as TV and sports channels. It also does business broadband.

But is it right for you? In this guide we’ll take a look at the ins and outs of BT broadband, what we like and don’t like about it, and what actual BT customers have to say about it.

What broadband packages can I get from BT?

BT broadband packages fall into three basic camps - BT Infinity fibre optic broadband, standard broadband and broadband and TV. Each package can be customised to your liking, so if, for example, you want more inclusive calls, you can upgrade the default call plan before you sign up.

All packages let you watch BT Sport for free online or via smartphone app. If you want to watch the channels on your TV though, you’ll need a broadband and TV bundle.

BT Infinity

If you want to get the most out of the internet, fibre optic broadband is the way to go. It’s perfect for families and houseshares, and makes streaming movies, playing and downloading games, and surfing the web better.

All BT Infinity packages include a BT Smart Hub wireless router, free access to the millions of public BT Wi-fi hotspots across the UK, the BT SmartTalk app, which lets you make mobile calls at your landline rate and BT Parental Controls.

Here are some options currently available:

  • BT Infinity 1 - This gives you download speeds of up to 52Mb, 25GB of usage a month and 5GB of online storage. This package is a good choice for individuals who want fast broadband for browsing, messaging and social media who don’t watch loads of video, use internet phone services like Skype or play games online.
  • Unlimited BT Infinity 1 + Weekend Calls - This gives you download speeds of up to 52Mb, totally unlimited usage with no traffic management and BT NetProtect Plus security software. It’s perfect for streaming videos and music, and for playing games online. It’s a great choice for families or if you’re living in shared accommodation, as it means everyone can get online without your connection becoming unusably slow.
  • Unlimited BT Infinity 2 + Weekend Calls - This gives you download speeds of up to 76Mb, totally unlimited usage, 500GB of online storage and BT NetProtect Plus security software. It’s perfect for large families or shared houses with lots of web-connected gadgets like phones, tablets, TV boxes and games consoles as its fast enough to support loads of people at once. It’s also excellent for heavy downloaders like gamers, and households where people regularly use streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix at the same time.

BT Broadband

All standard BT broadband - or BT Broadband, as BT calls it - packages give you download speeds of up to 17Mb - although you may not get that - see the FAQ section below for more details - a BT Home Hub wireless router, free access to millions of public BT Wi-fi hotspots, the BT SmartTalk app, which lets you make mobile calls at your landline rate, and BT Parental Controls.

  • BT Broadband - This has 12GB of usage a month. It’s a low-cost package best for light users who typically use the internet to browse the web, post on social media and send and receive emails. Don’t get it if you have a large household or use video streaming services like BBC iPlayer regularly, because that 12GB won’t last you long.
  • Unlimited Broadband + Weekend Calls - This has totally unlimited downloads and includes weekend calls to UK landlines and 100GB of online storage. It’s a good choice if you share your connection with a couple of other people and want to be able to use the web willy-nilly.


BT TV is based on YouView. You get a box which lets you watch, record, pause and rewind Freeview channels, easily catch-up on shows you missed and access a vast range of TV shows and movies on-demand. You can also add channels you can’t get on Freeview, like the three BT Sport channels, Comedy Central and Syfy.

You can only get BT TV with BT Infinity or BT Broadband.

What’s good about BT broadband?

  • Wide range of packages that will suit most people
  • Widest availability of all providers in the UK
  • Totally unlimited broadband with no traffic management - BT won’t slow down your connection any time
  • Affordable TV bundles
  • Online storage included with all packages
  • SmartTalk app included with all packages - lets you make calls on your mobile at your landline call rates
  • Free access to the huge network of public BT Wi-fI hotspots
  • BT Home Hub ‘smart’ wireless router is one of the best provided by…providers
  • BT Parental Controls included with all packages
  • BT Sport free online and on your mobile with all packages
  • Special offers often available - compare broadband to see what’s about now

What’s bad about BT broadband?

  • More expensive than that of many providers
  • BT Infinity not yet available everywhere
  • Not the fastest broadband available
  • TV packages less expansive than that of Sky and Virgin Media
  • Tight usage limits on cheapest packages

BT broadband customer reviews

So that’s what we think, but what about people who actually use it on a day to day basis?

BT broadband scored highly in our Customer Satisfaction Awards for its quality and reliability - arguably the most important aspect of any broadband package. It also earned kudos from customers for the router, activation speed, online security features and clarity of billing.

However, BT customers don’t think they get much in the way of extras from the provider. Opinions were mixed when it came to value for money and speed.

Here’s what BT customers have told us about BT broadband:

“First class broadband service.”

“Pretty good for a rural area.”

“BT is now overpriced compared to others!”

“Would like a faster broadband speed.”

Read more customer feedback and reviews of BT broadband on our reviews page, or see our full review here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I need to get BT broadband?
    All you need is a BT phone line. If you haven’t got one, you can compare new line deals with us. If you’re getting a new line installed on its own, it will usually cost you a fee, but if you get it with BT broadband or BT TV it’s free.
  2. How fast is BT broadband?
    BT has broadband packages that offers download speeds of up to 17Mb, and fibre optic broadband packages that offer speeds of up to 52Mb and up to 76Mb. However, these speeds are based on what the top 10% of BT broadband customers get, so there’s no guarantee you’ll get similar speeds.
  3. Which BT broadband package should I get?
    Basically, it all comes down to how much you use the internet and what you use it for. If you only go online for a couple of hours a day tops to check your email, use Facebook, and do a bit of shopping, then a package with a speed of up to 17Mb and a monthly usage allowance will do you fine. On the other hand, if you live in a house full of people who are constantly catching up on Match Of The Day on BBC iPlayer, downloading films to put on their iPad, video calling friends in Australia and playing Xbox games online, then a totally unlimited BT Infinity package would be just the job.
  4. Can I keep my email address if I switch to BT broadband?
    Different providers have different policies on what happens to your provider-based email address when you switch. Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, and Plusnet all let you keep your emails - though look out because there may be a fee or a time limit. Other kinds of email addresses, such as those from Gmail or Outlook, won't be affected at all by a switch.
  5. How do I get BT Sport?
    You get BT Sport free when you take out BT TV with BT Infinity, or BT Sport Lite when you get just BT broadband.

    The full BT Sport suite is available for a monthly subscription with Sky TV or Virgin Media TV.
  6. Can I get Sky Sports with BT TV?
    Indeed you can, but only the Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 channels. If you have a YouView box from BT, you'll also have access to the Now TV app, where you can subscribe to a Sky Sports pass.