Candy Telecom mobile - what can I get?

ByKim Staples
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If you’re after a sweet mobile deal, there’s only one thing for it: a flexible SIM-only plan from Candy Telecom. It’s a pretty new mobile provider that specialises in easy-to-understand deals with all the minutes, texts, and data you could ask for. Here’s everything you need to know.

What can I get from Candy Telecom mobile?

You can get a range of SIM-only deals from Candy Telecom. Every plan comes with unlimited calling minutes and texts, but you get to pick how much data allowance you want. Your choices are:

  • Voice Plan - just calls and texts
  • Euro Plan - includes 5GB of data that you can use abroad in Europe as well as at home
  • 2GB Plan
  • 4GB Plan
  • 10GB Plan
  • 20GB Plan

They all work on a 30-day basis, so you can stop, start, and change your plan whenever you want. Watch out though, as there's a £20 cancellation charge if you've been with Candy Telecom for less than a year.

The Euro Plan is a great choice if you visit the EU a lot, but even on a regular plan you can still use your normal allowance when you're abroad. In the EU, that'll cost you £3 per day; and in the rest of the world, £5 per day.

There aren't any contract plans available that include a handset, unfortunately - it's SIM-only all the way.

Candy Telecom mobile coverage

Candy Telecom is an MVNO that uses Vodafone's network, so coverage is very good, reaching more than 90% of the population. In fact, its 4G availability is one of the best in the country, covering about 85% of us.

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What's good about Candy Telecom mobile?

  • Straightforward range of deals, from no data all the way up to 20GB per month
  • Decent 4G coverage, courtesy of Vodafone
  • Euro Plan is very good for roaming
  • Unlimited calls and texts on every plan
  • All plans last 30 days, so you can stop or change at any time
  • No need for a credit check

What's bad about Candy Telecom mobile?

  • Not the cheapest mobile provider around
  • Out-of-plan charges are very expensive - 41p per minute and 26p per text, at the time of writing
  • No add-ons or bolt-ons available if you exceed your allowance
  • No contracts on handsets available
  • Lowest data tariff you can get is 2GB per month - not the best value for light users
  • £20 cancellation charge if you've had your plan for less than a year


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