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  • Sky's "best ever router" included
  • Dedicated Switch Squad for an easy, hassle-free switch
  • Stay safe online with free Sky Broadband Shield
  • FREE Wi-Fi from thousands of UK hotspots
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Sky:Broadband Unlimited

£15.00 p/m for 12 months
£9.95 setup costs, 12 month contract

Totally Unlimited Broadband!
  • Totally unlimited broadband
  • Dedicated Sky Switch Squad
  • Ends 28th September

Sky packages

Sky ( takes pride of place as one of the UK’s biggest triple-play providers, with over 10 million of us using its TV, broadband, and home phone. Its internet is truly unlimited, its TV has an impressively broad range of channels, and on top of that it’s available all over the country.

Building a bundle with Sky is easy enough. Take a look at the options for the services you want, pick and choose the ones you like the look of - and bam, your Sky bundle is ready to order.

You’re basically free to pick and mix which bits you want - if you want TV from Sky but broadband from another provider, for instance, that’s no problem.

To find out which Sky packages are available where you are, use our postcode checker to check out your options.

Sky TV

Sky TV is the most comprehensive subscription TV service in the UK - if a channel exists, you can pretty much count on Sky offering it. However, bear in mind that to get Sky TV, you’ll need a satellite dish installed on your home, regardless of which option you choose.

The Sky TV packages are:

  • Original and Sky Q - 240 free-to-air channels, 11 of which are HD, plus 35+ extra channels from Sky’s entertainment suite
  • Variety and Sky Q - 240 free-to-air channels, 11 of which are HD, plus 75+ extra channels
  • Box Sets and Sky Q - 240 free-to-air channels, plus 75+ extra and 50+ HD channels

All the above include a Sky Q 1TB box (so you can record, rewind, and pause live TV), and Sky Go.

For an extra cost, you’ve also got the option to add a few more channels (Chelsea TV, MUTV, and Sky Asia), Sky Go Extra, Sky Multiscreen, or a Sky Q 2TB box - which gets you even more storage to record your favourite shows.

At the centre of Sky Q is the idea of ‘fluid viewing’ - to put it more simply, you can watch Sky TV around the house, on tablets or with additional Sky boxes. Everything’s super-connected, so you can stop watching in one room, pick up where you left off in another - whether it’s catch-up TV, box set or even a recording.

Plus there are loads of extra features too, including vastly improved navigation, exclusive web videos, the ability to stream content from your phone and more. You can find out more about it in our exclusive guide to Sky Q.

Click here for more about Sky TV

Sky broadband

Sky broadband is available in either standard ADSL or superfast fibre optic. The packages are:

  • Sky Broadband Unlimited - Up to 17Mb download speed, with no download limit. Ideal for browsing to your heart’s content, but your connection may struggle with tasks that eat up bandwidth, such as streaming HD video.
  • Sky Fibre - Sky’s cheapest fibre option, with up to 38Mb download speed, and a 25GB monthly download limit. Perfect if you want a taste of fibre optic broadband, but watch out for that usage cap.
  • Sky Fibre Unlimited - Fibre optic, with up to 38Mb download speed, and no download limit. Great for large households who want to browse, download, and stream without limits.
  • Sky Fibre Max - Fibre optic, with super duper fast download speeds of up to 76Mb, and no download limit. Sky’s speediest broadband of all, good for households of heavy internet users - but it’s not as widely available as the 38Mb version.

All broadband packages require Sky line rental, so Sky Talk is automatically bundled in as well.

However, you’ll also get some cool features included as standard too - such as the Sky Hub router, free Wi-Fi at hundreds of public hotspots, and internet security in the form of Sky Broadband Shield and a free trial of McAfee Security Centre.

Check out our guide to Sky broadband for the complete lowdown. Or if you’ve got your heart set on a fibre optic connection, take a look at our guide to Sky fibre optic broadband.

Sky Talk

Basic Sky line rental is pay-as-you-go, though you can always upgrade your Sky Talk for a little extra. The packages are:

  • Sky Pay As You Talk - Sky's basic line rental, in which you only pay for the calls you make.
  • Sky Talk Evenings and Weekends Extra - Inclusive UK landline calls in the evenings and at the weekend.
  • Sky Talk Anytime Extra - Unlimited calls to UK landlines at any time.
  • Sky Talk International Extra - Unlimited calls to landlines in 50 destinations, including the USA, India, China, and France.

All have a bunch of extra options you can add on, like voicemail, three-way calling, and call diversion.

Read more about Sky Talk here.

Sky Mobile

On top of all that, Sky also now offers mobile deals. There aren't any handset plans (at least, not yet) but you can get 12-month SIM-only plans with either 1GB, 3GB, or 5GB of data per month.

Anyone can take out a Sky Mobile plan, but if you have Sky TV you'll get a few extra benefits - like unlimited minutes and texts, free Sky Go Extra, and features that let you connect to your Sky box from anywhere.

Read more about Sky Mobile

What’s good about Sky packages?

  • Can group various services together onto one monthly bill to save hassle (and money)
  • ...or you can pick and choose which bits you want - e.g. if you’re satisfied with your current broadband provider, or tied down to another contract, you can still get Sky TV
  • TV is very widely available
  • More TV channels than any other provider
  • Easy way to get Sky Cinema and Sky Sports, and the only way to get Sky Atlantic
  • Sky Q is the most comprehensive TV service on the market
  • Loads of great Sky Q-exclusive features, including streaming from phones, fluid viewing around the house, web videos, apps and more
  • Watch TV in multiple rooms, picking up exactly where you left off, with Sky Q
  • Broadband is truly unlimited and fibre is very fast - perfect for big households, avid online gamers, or Netflix fans
  • Good customer service record, according to Ofcom

What’s bad about Sky packages?

  • Doesn’t come cheap - all those extra features and channels are pricey
  • Sky TV requires a satellite dish on your home, which can be a lot of hassle and not always possible in rented or shared accommodation
  • Sky Fibre not available everywhere, and fastest Fibre Max package available in even fewer places - use our postcode checker to see if you can get it where you are
  • Download limits apply to some broadband packages - and watch out, because you’re upgraded automatically and charged for the new package if you go over it twice in a six month period
  • Not the fastest broadband around - Virgin Media has even faster options, for instance
  • No broadband-only packages - all broadband includes landline

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I switch to Sky?
    You can switch to Sky TV as long as you can have a satellite dish put on your home. If you rent your home or live in a listed building you’ll probably need to get permission first. You can switch to Sky Broadband or Sky Fibre as long as you can get them where you live - use our postcode checker to find out - and you have a working phone line. You can get a new one installed if you don’t though.
  2. How long does it take to switch to Sky Broadband?

    Around two weeks from when you make your order. If you’re switching from BT, Plusnet or TalkTalk, Sky will contact them for you to cancel your current package, you’ll be switched remotely and you shouldn’t have to go without broadband for more than a few minutes.

    If you’re switching from Virgin Media, an engineer may need to visit you to install a phone line, which Sky will book when you make your order. Arrange for your package to be cancelled the day after you switch to make sure you don’t have to go without broadband.

  3. How is Sky installed?
    If it’s Sky TV, an engineer will set up your satellite dish for you within around six days of you making your order - it’ll take around an hour. With Sky broadband, you’ll be posted everything you need to set yourself up - you’ll only need an engineer if you’re having a new phone line installed - and your package should be active within two weeks of you making your order.
  4. Can I save money by bundling TV, phone and broadband?
    Yes you can. Providers like Sky and Virgin Media offer competitively priced bundles, comprising broadband, home phone and TV, and getting all three services from the same place often leads to significant savings. It also makes it easier to manage finances, as all services come on a single bill.
  5. Will I lose my connection if I switch?

    No. You can continue using your current service to the day your new provider activates your connection.

    With some providers, the only downtime you may experience is a couple of hours on the day the switch actually happens. However, you should be able to plan ahead if you provider has an order-tracking system.

  6. Can I save money switching provider?
    We make it our business to find a great choice of deals for consumers - switching may, and often does, mean you can get a cheaper deal on your broadband, phone or TV service, especially if you take out an exclusive or limited-time deal.

    However, for some customers, cost isn’t the biggest issue. It is a matter of getting more for their money - a faster connection, free calls, higher usage allowance, more digital TV channels for example. It all depends on your needs, and the best thing about our switching service is that you can set your preferences so the packages offered will be tailored to suit your particular needs be that price, or speed, or additional features. Hey presto - happy customers with the right packages for them.
  7. How do I switch to a new TV service?
    Switching TV services is a breeze if you use a comparison service like ours. Simply enter your postcode, and we’ll list all your different options side by side, so you can easily compare features and price. When you find a package you like, click the link and you’ll be taken straight to the provider’s site. Fast, simple and hassle-free.
  8. Do I need fibre optic broadband?

    Fibre optic broadband is much faster and much more reliable than broadband through the phone line, but it’s not essential for everyone. If you just want to browse the web, check email, Facebook, Twitter etc, you’ll be fine with standard broadband through the phone line.

    However, if you stream a lot of video, download music, films and games, and other such activities, you will likely find a fibre connection hugely beneficial.

    It’s also a boon for large households, especially ones with lots of gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and computers connected up most of the time. The more people using a connection, the slower it will be, so if you have a big family where lots of people want to connect to the web at the same time, for example, a fibre connection will ensure everyone can get a good experience.