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Now part of EE, the largest UK mobile network operator, the T-Mobile brand still applies to some of the mobile services delivered using EE's 3G.

Since T-Mobile (www.T-Mobile-co.uk) and (www.Orange.co.uk) merged to become the UK's biggest mobile network operator EE (www.EE.co.uk), T-Mobile's customers have been transferred to a new, much bigger network.

If you're a new customer, when you visit the T-Mobile website you have the option to sign up for a 4G contract with EE, or choose a 3G contract on T-Mobile.

Can I get 4G from T-Mobile?

No. If you select the 4G option, you will leave the T-Mobile website and be taken to EE's site instead. The T-Mobile brand is being gradually phased out, but T-Mobile customers can easily upgrade to 4G with EE.

T-Mobile customers who upgrade to 4G are moved to EE and must sign a new contract.


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3G packages

T-Mobile offer a wide choice of pay monthly and pay-as-you-go deals to suit most people's needs. From basic calls and text only deals, to unlimited talk, texts and data packages there is likely to be a plan that works for you.

There are also T-Mobile 'Boosters' for customers looking to top-up their price plan with extras. They are easy to add and you can remove them whenever you like.

Boosters include:

  • Unlimited text/landline/T-Mobile talk boosters
  • International Boosters, including the Euro Booster, USA and Canada Booster, the Europe and Australasia Booster, Euro Texts and Euro Talk
  • The Family Booster, which allows unlimited calls and texts between you and four of your family on T-Mobile.

T-Mobile contract lengths are either 18 or 24 months.

T-Mobile extras

The Treat Van is T-Mobile's little treat for its customers. The 'Van' gives out free treats and discounts when T-Mobile customers log in to My T-Mobile and select the Treat Van panel. Customers can only take one treat per visit when they receive an email or text invitation from T-Mobile.

Mobile broadband

T-Mobile also offers mobile broadband. Options include: Mobile Wi-Fi - a portable wireless hotspot that you can get as a pay monthly or a pay per day deal, USB sticks - available as pay monthly, pay per day or pay up front deals, and sim-only options - also available as pay monthly and pay per day deals.

T-Mobile home broadband

T-Mobile customers can get a discount on EE home broadband.

T-Mobile - the future

In 2012, all T-Mobile high street stores were re-branded EE, and all customers' My T-Mobile accounts are now located on the EE website. So, although at present T-Mobile is still operating under the same trading name, and is still signing up customers wanting a 3G mobile service, the future of the brand is uncertain.

Mobile phones

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