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Why choose TalkTalk Broadband?

  • Totally unlimited broadband
  • Free Homesafe security to protect you online
  • Free calls to other TalkTalk customers
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TalkTalk packages - what are my options?

Need a bit of everything, but don’t want to break the bank? Take a look at TalkTalk ( As ‘quad-play’ providers go - that is, companies that offer broadband, home phone, TV, and mobile - TalkTalk’s among the cheapest and the simplest.

A basic TalkTalk bundle has broadband and home phone. Then on top of that, you can add TV and mobile packages as you want them.

Let’s have a closer look at what packages there are to choose from.

TalkTalk broadband

A TalkTalk package starts with a choice of broadband. It offers three main options, which are:

  • Simply Broadband - Up to 17Mb download speed, great for browsing, email, and social media.
  • Fibre Medium - Fibre optic, with up to 38Mb download speeds, making it good for big households or for streaming video.
  • Fibre Large - The fastest fibre optic package, with up to 76Mb download speeds, perfect for avid Netflix fans, hardcore gamers, and large, busy households.

Don’t worry if the broadband you choose doesn’t quite cut it - TalkTalk allows you to upgrade to the next package up at any time.

All its packages include unlimited downloads, so you can browse and download without worrying about a usage cap, and are truly unlimited, so TalkTalk won’t slow your connection even at peak times. You’ll also get one of TalkTalk’s Super Routers, with their top-notch wireless signal, and some internet security in the form of HomeSafe. The Super Safe Boost is also available if security is a concern.

Sadly, landline-free broadband isn’t available from TalkTalk - a TalkTalk phone line is required. So your next step is to take a look at your home phone options.

Read our guide to TalkTalk broadband for all the juicy details.

TalkTalk home phone

TalkTalk home phone is quite limited. There’s just one basic package, and it’s only available with broadband - not as line rental on its own.

However, that package comes with some pretty cool bonuses, like free calls to other TalkTalk landlines, and the Talk2Go app for iOS or Android, which lets you transfer your landline minutes to your mobile.

And as well as that, it’s very, very flexible. ‘Boosts’ can be added and removed on a rolling monthly basis, meaning you can get extra features whenever you need them. These include the Anytime UK Calls Boost, the International Calls Boost, and the Calling Features Boost - for things like call waiting, three-way calling, ring back, and so on.

Check out the details in our guide to TalkTalk phone.

Once you’ve got your broadband and home phone picked out, it’s time to look at TV and mobile.

TalkTalk TV

TalkTalk’s TV packages can be bundled in with their broadband too. There are two main options:

  • Essentials TV - free YouView box, 70+ free-to-air channels, pause and rewind but no recording
  • Plus TV - free YouView+ box so you can pause, rewind, and record 200+ hours of live TV, and seven extra Sky entertainment channels included as standard

Both packages also include seven-day catch up from services like BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD, and so on. You’ll also get access to Netflix, with the option to include a subscription in your monthly TalkTalk bill, and the TV2Go app - so you can watch on demand TV from your phone or tablet whenever you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Again, they’re very flexible. Although there’s only two basic options, both can have a number of Boosts added on for extra bunches of channels, letting you tailor your TV exactly how you like it. And since they’re on monthly rolling subscriptions too, you can add and remove them at any point.

Boosts include the Entertainment Boost, Kids Boost for more kids TV, Star TV Boost for Bollywood movies and Indian reality TV, Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, and more.

Check out our guide to TalkTalk TV for the complete lowdown.

TalkTalk mobile

At the moment, TalkTalk has just one mobile plan - the All-in SIM - but it’s a pretty good one.

It’s a SIM-only plan that gives you unlimited calls, texts, and data for a really low price, making it one of the best value unlimited mobile deals in the UK by a long mile. And it’s a 30 day plan, meaning you won’t be tied into a long term contract.

You can grab up to five SIMS (and two handsets) per household if you’re already a TalkTalk broadband and home phone customer - and if you sign up for Plus TV, you’ll get a SIM thrown in free of charge too. This one, however, isn’t unlimited, with 100 minutes, 250 texts, and 200MB data per month.

Read more about TalkTalk mobile in our guide.

What’s good about TalkTalk packages?

  • Affordable - one of the cheapest broadband and TV providers in UK, in fact
  • ‘Quad-play,’ so you can lump broadband, home phone, TV, and mobile into one easy monthly bill
  • Lots of options to save money - get discounts by paying a year’s landline upfront, paying your bill speedily, or paying by direct debit
  • Fibre broadband has superfast download speeds, up to 76Mb
  • Broadband is truly unlimited, with no download limits or web traffic management
  • Can upgrade package to include faster internet at any time
  • TV packages are incredibly flexible, with Boosts and rolling monthly subscriptions
  • TV2Go and Talk2Go apps let you access your minutes and on demand TV from anywhere with Wi-Fi
  • Free mobile SIM with Plus TV package
  • All-in SIM is one of the best value unlimited mobile plans in the country

What’s bad about TalkTalk packages?

  • Fibre broadband not available everywhere - use our postcode checker to see if you can get it in your area
  • Long contracts, with 18 months the shortest available
  • Even faster broadband is available from other providers, such as Virgin Media and Hyperoptic
  • No broadband-only option - TalkTalk phone line will need to be installed, which can be a hassle
  • No landline-only, TV-only, or mobile-only options either - all are only available with broadband
  • TV doesn’t have as many channels available as some other providers, like Sky or Virgin Media
  • TalkTalk has weaker customer service than other providers, according to Ofcom
  • Multiple Boosts can add up and end up being costly

Switching to TalkTalk

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need fibre optic broadband?

    Fibre optic broadband is much faster and much more reliable than broadband through the phone line, but it’s not essential for everyone. If you just want to browse the web, check email, Facebook, Twitter etc, you’ll be fine with standard broadband through the phone line.

    However, if you stream a lot of video, download music, films and games, and other such activities, you will likely find a fibre connection hugely beneficial.

    It’s also a boon for large households, especially ones with lots of gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and computers connected up most of the time. The more people using a connection, the slower it will be, so if you have a big family where lots of people want to connect to the web at the same time, for example, a fibre connection will ensure everyone can get a good experience.

  2. How long does it take to switch broadband?
    When you sign up to a new provider, they’ll contact your existing one and request a transfer of your service. While switching times vary depending on the type of package, it shouldn’t usually take more than 10 working days. It can take longer if you don’t currently have a phone line, as an engineer will need to come out and install one for you.
  3. Will bundling save me money?

    The great thing about bundling your services i.e. getting two or more of your home communications services from the same provider, is that it can potentially make your life both easier AND cheaper. Certain bundles can mean savings of up to a few hundred pounds when compared with certain separate deals. Plus, you will only have to deal with one supplier rather than getting two or three separate bills each month, and even worse, having to contact several different call centres if you have problems with your services.

    However, think carefully before you bundle. If you don’t plan on using one of the services then unless having it is cheaper than not, it’s not worth getting.

  4. Will I lose my connection if I switch?

    No. You can continue using your current service to the day your new provider activates your connection.

    With some providers, the only downtime you may experience is a couple of hours on the day the switch actually happens. However, you should be able to plan ahead if you provider has an order-tracking system.

  5. How do I switch to a new TV service?
    Switching TV services is a breeze if you use a comparison service like ours. Simply enter your postcode, and we’ll list all your different options side by side, so you can easily compare features and price. When you find a package you like, click the link and you’ll be taken straight to the provider’s site. Fast, simple and hassle-free.