Three mobile: What can I get?

ByKim Staples
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Three’s a network that offers pretty much everything you could possibly want from a mobile plan. Its focus on 4G and mobile internet means you can get some pretty hefty data allowances too… including the only truly unlimited mobile data plan in the UK.

What can I get from Three?

Uh, everything. Any kind of deal you could possibly want for a phone or tablet is probably available from Three.

For a start, it offers plenty of phone contracts, with a massive variety of handsets to choose from. Whether you want the latest iPhone or something on more of a budget, you're covered.

Or, if it's SIM-only you're after, Three has a nice set of 12-month, 30-day, and pay-as-you-go plans.

Both its phone and SIM-only contracts come in a wide range of tariffs, from 500MB of data and 200 minutes per month all the way up unlimited (All-you-can-eat) everything. Unlimited texts are included in every plan too.

And its unlimited data really is unlimited! There's a fair usage cap of 1000GB per month, but you'll need to download 1.4GB per hour every single day to reach that.

There are two main kinds of plan you can choose from: Essential and Advanced. Essential plans give you just the basics - calling minutes, texts, and data. Meanwhile, Advanced plans have some extras thrown in. There's Feel at Home, which lets you use your phone abroad in 42 destinations at no extra cost; free calls to Three's customer services; and a personal hotspot allowance.

You can also get mobile broadband devices, dongles, and data-only SIMs for tablets from Three.

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Three mobile coverage

You'll get signal almost anywhere - its network covers at least 97% of the population. 4G coverage isn't quite as good, but you should be fine in most towns and cities. Make sure you can get signal in your area before you order by using Three's coverage checker.

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What's good about Three?

  • Huge range of deals and plans - whatever you're after, Three has probably got it
  • The only way to get truly unlimited mobile data in the UK
  • Low up-front costs on handsets
  • Plans aren't bad value
  • 'All-you-can-eat' texts standard on all plans

What's bad about Three?

  • Not the widest coverage in the country
  • Not the cheapest mobile provider either
  • Tethering isn't allowed on all plans
  • Not many perks or extras - there's no O2 Priority or free music streaming subscriptions, for instance


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