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ByKim Staples
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As broadband providers go, Zen is pretty small, with its home and business broadband network concentrated in just major cities.

But what it lacks in scope, it more than makes up for in reliability and dedicated customer support - so good, in fact, that it's continually won awards. Read on and we'll take a look at what Zen has to offer.

What can I get from Zen broadband?                     

Zen provides internet and line rental - including both ADSL and superfast fibre optic broadband. The packages are:

  • Broadband - Up to 17Mb download speeds with a 20GB per month download limit, on a one month rolling contract.
  • Unlimited Broadband - Up to 17Mb download speeds with unlimited downloads, on a one month rolling contract.
  • Fibre 1 - Fibre optic broadband, with up to 38Mb download and 9.5Mb upload speeds, and a 50GB per month download limit. Great speed for browsing, but the download cap may limit you if you want to stream and download a lot.
  • Unlimited Fibre 1 - Fibre optic with up to 38Mb download and 9.5Mb upload speeds, but with unlimited downloads.
  • Unlimited Fibre 2 - Superfast fibre optic, with up to 76Mb download and 19Mb upload speeds, and unlimited downloads. Perfect for large households, online gamers, and avid video streamers.

All packages come with a free router, and a static IP address as standard.

Zen broadband needs an active phone line, but that doesn't necessarily have to be from Zen - though a fibre optic package without line rental requires paying an extra 'premium' cost.

A phone line on its own from Zen can come in two flavours: Line Rental, or Line Rental Plus - which has inclusive unlimited anytime calls to 01, 02, 03, 0845, and 0870 numbers, as well as cheaper international calls. Both packages work on just one-month contracts, so you're not tied into anything long term and can cancel at any point. And Zen likes to keep your phone costs down, with cheaper calls at evenings and weekends and no call connection fees.

You'll also get a few calling features as standard, including withheld number, ring back, and three-way calling, with the choice to add optional feature packs - for features like caller display, voicemail, and call divert.

Other services Zen provide include , domain names and web hosting for your website, managed network security, and online data backup, so you can securely store any sensitive data you can't afford to lose.

It may be a reliable line, but you can't rely on Zen broadband being available everywhere - you'll only really find it in major metropolitan areas. Use our postcode checker to see what you can get where you are.

What's good about Zen broadband?

  • Award-winning customer service and tech support 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Superfast fibre optic speeds are great for big households, video streaming fans, and downloading large files
  • One-month rolling contracts on line rental and ADSL packages
  • Known for being a reliable connection
  • Unlimited packages are truly unlimited - there's no fair usage policy or download limit, nor do Zen manage web traffic
  • Static IP addresses come as standard with all broadband connections
  • A good range of different broadband packages to suit everyone

What's bad about Zen broadband?

  • Not very widely available, with most of the network concentrated around big cities - use our postcode checker to see the options in your area
  • Download limits apply with some packages
  • No malware protection, which other providers - such as Sky and TalkTalk - include as standard
  • No 'premises move' process - if you move house while still in the minimum terms of your contract, you'll need to pay for the full term
  • Even faster broadband speeds available from other providers, such as Virgin Media and Hyperoptic

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