5 TV shows you can't miss this February

ByKim Staples

It may not be the best month for nice weather or being single, but there’s one thing this February is certainly good for - and that’s a spot of top-notch telly.

We've picked out five shows airing this month that will bring some much needed excitement to your February… and give you a good excuse to curl up inside away from the chilly outdoors.


(ITV1, Mondays 9pm)


Detectives Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller return to tackle their darkest case yet: a serious sexual assault. Cast and crew all agree that this series - which will probably be Broadchurch's last - has the classic mystery, crime-solvey feel of the first one, and the writers worked directly with local charities to make sure it's handled sensitively and accurately.

A bunch of our favourite characters are back, like Rev Paul Coates (Arthur Darvill) and newspaper editor Maggie Radcliffe (Carlyn Pickles), plus there'll be some newcomers in the form of Lenny Henry and Julie Hesmondhalgh.

Catch the new series on ITV1, starting 27 February at 9pm. Or head over to ITV Hub if you miss an episode.

The Moorside

(BBC One, 7 February 9pm)

The Moorside

If you like Broadchurch, you'll love The Moorside too. Based on the Shannon Matthews case from a few years ago, The Moorside follows a small town in turmoil. Nine-year-old Shannon is missing, and her mum Karen (Gemma Whelan, aka Yara Greyjoy) and friend Julie Bushby (Sheridan Smith) lead a campaign to find her.

We all know how the case turned out - Shannon's mum had been hiding her all along - but boy is this still worth watching. Created by Neil McKay and Jeff Pope, who took on Fred and Rose West in a drama a while ago, The Moorside is truly gripping.

Find it on BBC One, 7 February at 9pm - or catch up later on iPlayer.

Santa Clarita Diet

(Netflix, from 3 Feb)

Santa Clarita Diet

In Santa Clarita Diet, Netflix is introducing something brand new to the zombie genre: Drew Barrymore.

In this new comedy-horror, Sheila (Barrymore) and Joel (Timothy Olyphant) are a normal, ordinary couple living in Santa Clarita, California - that is, until Sheila undergoes a rather odd change that makes her crave human flesh. And things get out of hand very, very quickly.

The whole first series of Santa Clarita Diet lands on Netflix on 3 February, available online, via the app, on smart TVs, or through YouView and TiVo boxes. Put the kids to bed before you watch though, because this is a gory one.

Emerald City

(5star, Wednesdays 9pm)

Emerald City

The Wizard of Oz has had its fair share of adaptations over the years, and Emerald City is - well, it's the latest of them.

Think gritty, Once Upon A Time-style reimagining of the world of Oz, with some House of Cards-esque political intrigue and grim-but-richly-designed Game of Thrones aesthetic, and you're about there. Based directly on L Frank Baum's books, Emerald City shows us Oz from a new perspective. The land's eponymous ruling wizard (Vincent D'Onofrio) rose to power over the last few decades because he's a scientist from our world - making him the only one there. That may change, however, now that Dorothy (Adria Arjona) has been flown over there too…

Emerald City airs on Wednesdays at 9pm, starting 8 February. Find it on 5Star - Freeview 30, Sky 176, Virgin Media 151, TalkTalk 20, or Freesat 131.


(Fox, Thursdays 9pm)


Yes, yet another TV show about a Marvel superhero - and yes, this one's totally worth watching too. Coming from a little closer to the X-Men corner of Marvel's universe, Legion has Noah Hawley, aka the guy behind Netflix's Fargo, running the show - which is a pretty good start.

In Legion, we get a fascinating exploration of David, the mutant son of Charles Xavier. He's dealing with a supercombo of mutation and paranoid schizophrenia… and on top of that, he's got a mystery to solve. With bizarre and captivating visuals, plus a surprisingly sensitive look at mental illness, Legion is absolutely one to watch.

Catch it on Fox - Sky 124, Virgin Media 157, TalkTalk 316, or with a Now TV Entertainment Pass - from 9 February at 9pm.


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