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42 of 297 deals
42 of 297 deals
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Sports Bundle Complete Pack + Broadband Unlimited

Call Sky
0800 759 1469
Broadband Unlimited
Sky Q box!
Offer Ends 28/09/17
  • £57.00 p/m for 12 months
  • £70.99 p/m for months 13 - 18
  • £29.95 Setup Costs
£713.95 Total first year cost
  • 18 month contract
Sky Atlantic
Sky 1
Film 4
+ 136 more

Full House TV Bundle with Sky Sports

Call Virgin Media
0808 168 6088
Fibre Unlimited
fair usage applies

Some broadband services have a fair usage or traffic management policy. This might restrict the amount you can download or reduce the speed of your broadband at certain times of the day.

V6 TiVo Box
  • £75.00 p/m for 12 months
  • £20.00 Setup Costs
£920.00 Total first year cost
  • 12 month contract
BT Sport
Sky 1
Film 4
+ 318 more

Sky Sports Pass + Brilliant Broadband Combo (12 month)

Broadband Unlimited
Watch on up to 4 devices!
Offer Ends 01/01/18
  • £51.99 p/m for 12 months
  • £22.00 Setup Costs
£645.88 Total first year cost
  • 12 month contract
Film 4
+ 98 more

TV with Fast Broadband and Sky Sports

Call TalkTalk
0800 049 7843
Broadband Unlimited
Fixed Price Guarantee
Offer Ends 19/10/17
  • £53.95 p/m for 12 months
  • £25.00 Setup Costs
£672.40 Total first year cost
  • 12 month contract
Film 4
+ 98 more

Online exclusive Starter + Unlimited Broadband + Weekend Calls

Call BT
0800 783 5390
Broadband Unlimited
£60 BT Reward Card - see BT's website for further details
Offer Ends 28/09/17
  • £30.49 p/m for 12 months
  • £19.99 Setup Costs
£385.87 Total first year cost
  • 12 month contract
BT Sport
Film 4
+ 94 more

Player TV Bundle with Sky Sports

Call Virgin Media
0808 168 6088
Fibre Unlimited
fair usage applies

Some broadband services have a fair usage or traffic management policy. This might restrict the amount you can download or reduce the speed of your broadband at certain times of the day.

Over 70 channels!
  • £64.75 p/m for 12 months
  • £20.00 Setup Costs
£797.00 Total first year cost
  • 12 month contract
Film 4
+ 112 more

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Providers may increase charges. You should have the right to exit your contract without penalty if this happens.

Watch sport on TV

When it comes to sport on TV, there are really only two games in town: Sky Sports and BT Sport. Each shows Premier League football, as well as loads of their own exclusive sporting events.

For example, Sky has the EFL, Formula One, the PGA Tour, and top-flight cricket, while BT Sport has the Champions League and Aviva Premiership Rugby.

Compare BT Sport and Sky Sports

What's the best sports TV provider?

That depends on what exactly you want to watch and how you want to watch it. Generally, any provider that does TV also does sports TV, offering either or both BT Sport and Sky Sports. Some providers also offer a range of other sports channels, which either come as standard, or can be added to your package for an extra monthly charge. And some now offer you a way to watch your sports channels on your computer, tablet and smartphone too (though you'll want unlimited data for that).


Sky’s quite flexible as to how you get Sports. You can buy one channel, two channels, three channels or get everything in a nice big bundle.

It’s a good way to get access to the sports you care about. If you’re a keen armchair golfer, with no interest in F1, for example, you can simply choose Sky Sports Golf. If you’re passionate about football, you can just get Sky Sports Premier League and Football channels.

The truly sports-mad should go for the complete Sports pack, which gives you all dedicated sports channels, along with Sky Sports Main Event, which showcases the biggest events on the sporting calendar.

BT Sport is available on Sky TV ( if you have BT broadband for an additional monthly charge. If you don’t want BT broadband, you can get all four BT Sport channels - in standard or high-definition - on your Sky TV on either a 12-month or one-month contract. Find out how to get BT Sport on Sky here.

You can watch Sky Sports live and on demand online using Sky Go, and BT Sport using the BT Sport website and app. You get Motors TV as standard with all Sky TV packages, and you also get At The Races, British Eurosport, British Eurosport 2 and Extreme Sports Channel as standard with The Variety Bundle and The Family Bundle.

Finally, you can add Chelsea TV, Liverpool TV and MUTV to any package through Sky directly, and BoxNation, Premier Sports and Racing UK by contacting the relevant channel.

Compare Sky TV deals


BT Sport is included as standard with the Max package, and can be added onto any other TV package for an additional £3.50 a month. That gives you get all the BT Sport channels - BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, and ESPN, as well as BoxNation.

BT Sport Ultra HD is available with BT TV too - and no other providers offer it. You'll need the Max package and BT Infinity broadband though.

If you don't want a full TV package, you can also BT Sport with any broadband package for an additional monthly fee. This lets you watch online via computer or smartphone app.

Sky Sports Main Event can be added to any BT TV package as a bolt-on, provided you have BT Infinity with download speeds above 30Mb. That shows the biggest sports events of the moment, including big Premier League games, EFL and La Liga matches, F1 and more. You also get access to Sky Sports Extra, which will show Premier League matches if a different event’s on the main channel.

Compare BT TV deals

Now TV

Although it’s owned by Sky, Now TV handles its sports packages a little differently. While you get access to all 10 Sky Sports channels, you can sign up for them in a few ways.

  • Sky Sports Day Pass - gives you access to Sky Sports for 24 hours. Great if you just want to watch a particular match, or one-off event.
  • Sky Sports Week Pass - 7 days access to Sky Sports. Perfect if you want to watch a particular test match, or the Open, for example.
  • Sky Sports Month Pass - get Sky Sports for a whole month. If you’re a big sports fan, this is the one to go for.

You can also watch Now TV in quite a few ways. If you get a TV and broadband bundle, you can watch on your TV via the set top box provided. As well as online sports access, it also gives you Freeview channels - though it doesn’t let you record unfortunately.

Alternatively, you can watch online via website or smartphone app, smart TVs, games consoles and more - much as you can with the likes of Amazon Prime Instant Video or Netflix.

Regrettably, there’s no way to get BT Sport on Now TV - it’s Sky Sports only we’re afraid.

Compare Now TV deals.


With TalkTalk ( you can add the full complement of Sky Sports channels to any TalkTalk TV package with the appropriately-named Sky Sports Boost.

It's one of the more flexible ways to get Sky Sports - TalkTalk Boosts roll on a monthly basis, so you can sign up and cancel them as and when you want.

You can also get BT Sport, albeit not from TalkTalk directly. When your TalkTalk TV package is up and running, simply sign up for sport from BT directly, and you'll get all the available channels.

Sky Sports News comes with the TV Plus package as standard, or you can add it on with the TV Starter Boost, which gets you a few extra Sky channels. However, you can’t get Sky Sports in HD with TalkTalk TV, or watch them on your computer, tablet or phone.

You can also add BoxNation to any TalkTalk TV package for an additional monthly charge.

Compare TalkTalk TV deals

Virgin Media

With Virgin Media (, you can get BT Sport and every Sky Sports channel in one package. The simplest way to do this is with the Big Kahuna Sports or VIP TV, broadband and phone bundles.

Alternatively, you can add BT Sport in standard and high-definition to any Virgin Media TV package. You can also add the full Sky Sports suite - comprising 10 channels. Sky Sports in HD will cost you a little extra though.

Every package comes with At The Races as standard, and all packages from Mix TV up come with British Eurosport, Sky Sports News and Sky Sports Mix.

Other services you can add include BoxNation, LFCTV, MUTV, Premier Sports and Racing UK. You’ll also get access to pay-per-view sports events via Sky Sports Box Office through Virgin Media TV.

Compare Virgin Media deals


Plusnet's TV service isn't widely available... yet. If you do have it (you need to be an existing Plusnet customer), you can get all BT Sport channels - plus Boxnation.

If you’ve got Plusnet broadband and Sky TV - or a Sky dish and a Sky box because you used to have Sky TV - you can get also BT Sport.

While getting BT Sport on Sky TV through Plusnet costs around half what it does directly through BT, you can’t watch it via the BT Sport website or app. In addition, there's currently no way to get Sky Sports.

Compare Plusnet broadband deals

What is the best sports TV package?

As ever with this sort of thing, the answer comes down to what you’re looking for and what your budget is. If the most important thing is that you can watch pretty much any sport that’s televised, then it’s hard to look beyond Virgin Media. Its Full House bundle includes BT Sport as standard, and Sky Sports can be easily added on. Alternatively, the VIP TV Bundle comes with both - it's pretty much nirvana for sports fans.

Unfortunately, paradise ain't cheap. Getting both sports services from Virgin Media will cost you a quite a lot of money.

If it’s the best value sports TV package you’re looking for, TalkTalk is a good shout. Its TV packages are very affordable, and Sky Sports can be added on as a boost - meaning you can just cancel it in months you don't want it. In addition, BT Sport's available - though you'll need to sign up from BT once your TalkTalk TV's up and running.

When it comes to availability, you’re looking at either BT TV or Sky TV. BT is the biggest broadband provider in the country, and anywhere you can get BT Broadband with a minimum download speed of 2Mb, you can get BT TV. And because Sky is a satellite TV provider, you can get Sky TV just about anywhere as long as it’s cool to fix a dish to your home.

Find TV packages available where you live

Can I watch sports online?

Indeed you can. As mentioned previously, some providers now offer you a way to watch the sports channels you subscribe to on your computer, tablet, and phone. You can watch BT Sport online through BT, and BT Sport and Sky Sports online through Sky and Virgin Media, although not without a TV package in the case of the latter two.

Whether you can watch other sports channels online varies from provider to provider. So if there’s something in particular you want to be able to watch while you’re out and about, check whether you’ll be able to before signing up to a package.

If you don’t want to commit to a long-term contract, Now TV could be for you. With Now TV you can get all seven Sky Sports channels on a pay-as-you-go basis online with a Sky Sports Day Pass, or Sky Sports Week Pass. You can get them on your TV too with the likes of a Now TV Box, Chromecast, particular games consoles and smart TVs, or if you’ve got EE TV.

Compare film and TV streaming sites

Can you get sports TV packages for pubs?

You can indeed. BT and Sky both offer sports TV packages tailored specifically for businesses. BT offers BT Sport packages for pubs, bars, hotels, clubs and other businesses at Sky offers Sky Sports packages, as well as many other sports channels, for pubs, bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants and even care homes and offices at

Can you get sports TV-only packages?

It depends what you mean by sports TV-only packages. If you mean a TV package with sports channels, but without broadband and phone, then yes, you can get those from both Sky ( and Virgin Media ( If you mean a TV package with sports channels and nothing else, then no; if that’s what you want your best bet is getting Sky Sports on NOW TV on a daily or weekly basis.


  1. How do I switch to a new TV service?
    Switching TV services is a breeze if you use a comparison service like ours. Simply enter your postcode, and we’ll list all your different options side by side, so you can easily compare features and price. When you find a package you like, click the link and you’ll be taken straight to the provider’s site. Fast, simple and hassle-free.
  2. How do I get movie channels?

    Sky often has the first TV broadcast rights for big movies, so if you want to see the latest blockbusters first, you’ll need Sky Cinema - which you can get through Sky, Virgin Media, BT, and TalkTalk TV packages for an additional monthly charge.

    Most TV providers also offer new home entertainment releases to view on a pay-per-view basis. Bear in mind, you may need a broadband connection to access some of these services. See our guide for more info.

  3. Can I save money by bundling TV, phone and broadband?
    Yes you can. Providers like Sky and Virgin Media offer competitively priced bundles, comprising broadband, home phone and TV, and getting all three services from the same place often leads to significant savings. It also makes it easier to manage finances, as all services come on a single bill.
  4. Can I switch to Sky?
    You can switch to Sky TV as long as you can have a satellite dish put on your home. If you rent your home or live in a listed building you’ll probably need to get permission first. You can switch to Sky Broadband or Sky Fibre as long as you can get them where you live - use our postcode checker to find out - and you have a working phone line. You can get a new one installed if you don’t though.
  5. Can I get BT TV?
    Probably. The minimum requirement for getting BT TV is a TV aerial and a BT broadband package with download speeds of at least 2Mb. BT broadband is available to the vast majority of the country, so you're probably in luck. To get certain TV services, however - including BT Sport - you'll need BT Infinity, which isn't quite as widely available.