New at broadbandchoices - May and June 2017

It’s warming up outside, and things are heating up in the broadbandchoices world as well. This month, we’ve got some new providers on board, loads of new expert advice, and a few more ways to discover the best deals around.

New providers at broadbandchoices

We're all about giving our users as many choices over their broadband as possible - so we've brought on two more providers.


Fab broadband starts here, with Origin's simple, low-cost packages. Speeds go up to 76Mb, totally unlimited downloads are standard, and its 24-hour customer service is top-notch.


For broadband with a bit of power behind it, check out SSE. Not only does it offer speedy fibre and plenty of options for your home phone, you'll also get SSE Rewards - which give you things like discounts and priority tickets for big arena events.

New partners

Broadbandchoices now powers's broadband, phone, TV price comparison! Working with meerkats has been one of biggest challenges we have faced to date - ever tried shaking hands with one? - but we're pleased with the results.

Broadband Deal of the Week

We've always got loads of deals on our site, but which ones are the very best? Why, the ones our editorial team have crowned Broadband Deal of the Week, of course. Every week or so, we pick out the crème de la crème of broadband and telly offers so you can see the best value deals at a glance. Check it out:

An easier way to find a mobile broadband deal

Not only are we on the ball when it comes to your home broadband, we've also introduced a whole bunch of ways to help you find the best mobile broadband deal. With our new tools, you can compare deals quickly and easily.

Want a pocket Wi-Fi hotspot to help you get online on the go? We've got tons of deals on those. Have a look here:

Or maybe you just need a way to use your iPad or tablet on the train - in which case you're better off with a special data-only SIM deal. Well, good news! We have a bunch of those as well.

Ask our expert

As if helping you find a deal isn't enough, we've also got plenty of expert advice for you.

Constantly getting the dreaded 'your storage is full' message on your phone? You're not the only one. Here are seven tips on how to free up a bit of space.

Sports fans know that a BT Sport subscription is vital if you want to watch the Premier League and Champions League, but can you get it on Sky TV? The short answer is yes - here's how.

Sky and NOW TV both offer broadband and TV combos that let you watch Game of Thrones, but which one is best? We put them head to head.

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