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Browse our collection of guides to business broadband and telephone, with advice, tips, and information from broadbandchoices' experts.

  • Leased line icon

    Leased lines: What are they, and should I get one?

    When it comes to broadband for your business, you’re not short on options. There’s ADSL, fibre optic broadband, FTTP, enterprise broadband - and leased lines. More »

  • Internet security for business icon

    Internet security for SMEs - all you need to know

    There’s a lot of nasty stuff out there in the world of cyberspace, and when you’ve got a business it’s super important to protect against it. Here’s your ten-step… More »

  • Business broadband Vs Home broadband icon

    Business broadband vs. home broadband: What’s the difference?

    Need broadband for your home office or small business - and can’t work out whether you should get a standard residential package or a special business-level one? More »

  • Public Wi-Fi hotspot icon

    How to setup and run guest WiFi

    Customers and clients love Wi-Fi. They just can’t do without it. Offering it in your business can attract customers, keep them around for longer, and encourage them to come… More »

  • Business broadband icon

    What broadband does my business need?

    When it comes to business broadband, there are dozens of options available - from the simplest of basic ADSL connections, all the way up to 10Gb leased lines and… More »

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