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Please note that we are not an Internet Service Provider. If you are trying to get in touch with your broadband provider please find their contact details in our list of broadband providers below.

I don't know the phone number for my service provider

Here is a list of our most popular broadband providers so that you can get help more quickly if you call them directly:


0800 800 150


0800 956 6000


0800 079 1133

Post Office

0345 611 2970


0800 260 0400


0800 049 7802

Virgin Media

0345 454 1111


0345 071 9890

John Lewis

0800 022 3300


0330 686 8000

If you are looking to purchase broadband or switch providers we can help you to find the best deal. The best way to contact us for this is by Facebook or Twitter.

If you don't have a social media account you can get in touch by emailing us at


If you have any questions relating to your current, or new, broadband service provider or if you are experiencing technical difficulties then you must contact your provider as we will not be in a position to help with your enquiry.

I have a question for your customer service team

You can get in touch by emailing us

If you have any questions relating to your current, or new, broadband service provider or if you are experiencing technical difficulties then you must contact your provider as we will not be in a position to help with your enquiry.

I'm in the media and want to contact your press office

We welcome the opportunity to comment or provide data to the media on a variety of industry issues, including: broadband, home phone, digital TV, VOIP, the future of telecommunications, internet security and online child safety.

To get in touch, please

I have a business development or partnership enquiry

broadbandchoices has a focused partnership team offering the highest standard white labelled comparison products and services for broadband, phone and digital TV.

If you have a business development or partnership enquiry, please email busdev@decision.techfor more information and contact details.

Feedback and complaints

At broadbandchoices we strive to provide an accurate, informative, and unbiased service for our users but we acknowledge there may be times when users feel they wish to contact us to suggest ways we might improve our service or to make a complaint.

We welcome constructive feedback and take any complaints seriously.  If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service then you can get in touch by emailing us at

Or write to us at: 

1 Dean Street



Please provide as much detail as possible in your email or letter and include your contact details so that we can respond to you. 

Upon receipt of your complaint, our team will determine whether it relates to broadbandchoices or the products and services of one of the internet service providers (ISPs) we list on our website.

We aim to acknowledge all complaints within three business days by email and no later than ten business days if by post.

If your complaint relates to an ISP - where appropriate - we will refer the matter to the correct party and will notify you as to when you can expect to be contacted by them.

If your complaint is regarding broadbandchoices we will endeavour to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible and will keep you informed of our progress during the period that we are dealing with it.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Dispute Resolution

ISPs offering services to individuals and small businesses must be members of an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Scheme.

ADR schemes act as an independent middleman between the ISP and the customer when an initial complaint cannot be resolved. You do not need legal representation to take your case to an ADR scheme.

The ADR scheme will look at your arguments, and your ISP's, and come to a decision it thinks is fair.

More information on ISP ADR schemes can be foundhere.

There is a European-wide Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) process which allows complaints to be lodged and a dispute settled online.

You can find out more information on the ODR process and lodge a complaint by accessing the ODR platformhere.

Ofcom information

For more information on broadband, take a look at Ofcom, the UK's telecoms regulator. 

Ofcom runs a voluntary accreditation scheme for digital comparison tools (DCTs) for telephone, broadband, and pay-TV, and has confirmed that this DCT meets the criteria for accreditation. For further details about the scheme, including the criteria that DCTs must meet, visit the price comparison page on the Ofcom website

You can also review their work on broadband speeds, including consumer guides, on their website. You'll also find their other reports here too. 

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