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68 of 288 deals
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Broadband type
Fixed-line broadband is available either as standard (ADSL) broadband, or fibre optic. Fibre optic broadband is much faster and more reliable, but it isn’t available everywhere and can cost more.
Monthly usage allowance
The amount you download determines the broadband package you should get. To keep things simple, we ask if you would like to see packages which are unlimited. These packages are ideal for users who are online for several hours during the day, or use the internet extensively for entertainment - like downloading movies and TV, streaming entertainment, or playing games. They are also good for large households where several people go online at the same time. If that sounds like you, pick ‘Just unlimited’.
Minimum speed
Your broadband speed determines how fast web pages load, files are downloaded, the time streaming video takes to buffer, and more. For a big household, or one where you stream lots of video or play games, a fast speed is recommended
TV options
Phone calls / line options
Contract length
Line rental included
Line rental is now included in pricing, you can find out more here.

Unlimited Broadband

Broadband Unlimited fair usage applies Some broadband providers have a fair usage or traffic management policy applied, which can end up imposing limits on your downloading or throttling your speeds at certain times of the day. Read more in this article.
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£200.00 Total first year cost
  • 12 month contract
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Free Unlimited UK calls
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£240.00 Total first year cost
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Broadband Unlimited

Totally Unlimited Broadband!
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*This is the maximum possible speed. Broadband speed may be lower at peak times and can be affected by a range of technical and environmental factors. The speed you receive where you live may be lower than listed above.

The services listed above are subject to local availablity and may not be available where you live.

Broadband without limits!

Want to go online as much as you like, without worrying about how much data you’re using? An unlimited broadband package should do you right. Here’s everything you need to know to help you find the best broadband deal.

Unlimited broadband explained

Everything you do online, from browsing to playing games to using Facebook, consumes data. Watch a show on BBC iPlayer, you’ve downloaded a few hundred megabytes at least. Watch an HD movie, and you’ve gorged on gigabytes.

Some broadband packages limit how much you can download each month, meaning you have to be a little careful about what you do online. But not unlimited broadband packages - these let you watch, play and surf to your heart’s content, without worrying about how much you’re downloading. Think of it as peace-of-mind internet.

Is unlimited broadband right for you?

For some people - typically those who use the internet intensively, families and those who are part of a house-share - unlimited broadband is the answer to their prayers. For people who mainly use the web for browsing, sending emails and checking Facebook, a cheaper package with a usage limit will likely be fine.

But do you need unlimited broadband? Well, it’ll certainly make life easier if you:

  • Have a big household, with everyone online
  • Watch catch-up TV on the likes of BBC iPlayer
  • Stream films on Netflix, NOW TV and so on
  • Download video games or play them online
  • Stream music using services such as Spotify
  • Have an internet-connected TV box like YouView

If you do one or more of these, unlimited broadband will be brilliant. For the best experience possible, get an unlimited fibre optic broadband package. That way you’ll be able to do what you want online without being stymied by a monthly usage limit or slow speeds.

What’s traffic management?

Also known as traffic shaping or traffic prioritisation, traffic management is when providers influence traffic on their networks. It’s used on some unlimited broadband packages, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

If loads of people in the same area are online at the same time, the network can get congested and speeds plummet. To get around this, some providers slow certain types of online activity - such as file-sharing - and prioritise others - like catch-up TV or gaming - to ensure you get a decent level of service.

What’s a fair use policy?

A fair usage policy is what dictates when traffic management is used. They set out how much you’re allowed to download each month, even on unlimited broadband, before the provider slows down your connection or takes other measures. For the vast majority of people they’re nothing to worry about - the limits are usually very high, considerably more so than most people would use - but if you do serious amounts of downloading and streaming it’s something to be aware of.

What unlimited broadband packages are available?

Just about every provider offers unlimited broadband, so you’re not be short of choice. There are a few things to watch out for though. For one thing, providers’ idea of what ‘unlimited’ means differs. As such, unlimited broadband packages can be split into two categories - ‘truly unlimited’ and plain old ‘unlimited’.

Truly unlimited broadband

We define ‘truly unlimited’ broadband as packages with no usage caps and no network-wide traffic management. That means you can download as much as you like without your provider ever artificially slowing down your connection.

The downside of that is if lots of people with the same provider in your area are online at the same time, speeds can suffer. It’s less of a problem with fibre optic broadband, but it’s something to be aware of. Even so, truly unlimited broadband is for you if you’re a heavy internet user.

Providers that offer truly unlimited packages include:

  • BT - All BT unlimited broadband packages - including BT Infinity fibre optic broadband packages - are truly unlimited. No usage limits at all, so go crazy.

  • Sky - Most Sky broadband packages are truly unlimited, allowing you to use the internet freely. The exception is Sky Broadband Lite, which is free with Sky TV - it has a 2GB monthly usage cap.

  • TalkTalk - All TalkTalk broadband packages are truly unlimited - perfect for watching tons of TV on demand on TalkTalk TV, especially as TalkTalk prioritises on-demand video on its network.

Unlimited broadband packages

Not all unlimited packages are completely free from restraint - some providers, depending on their fair usage policy, will manage traffic at peak times to ensure speeds are consistent, and could impose a speed limit on you if you’re overloading the network.

Providers that offer unlimited packages include:

  • Post Office - If you're after unlimited broadband at a low price, the Post Office is a good shout. You can download as much as you like without worry, though certain types of traffic, like file-sharing, may be de-prioritised at peak times.

  • Plusnet - All Plusnet broadband packages are unlimited. However, if you’re doing a lot online at the same time, some traffic - such as streaming video - will be prioritised to ensure it’s not interrupted.

  • Virgin Media - Like many providers, Virgin Media doesn’t limit how much you download, but it does manage the speed at which heavy users can upload during peak times to ensure consistent performance across its network.

Every provider has its own policy on what constitutes unlimited broadband, so make sure you check the small print before you sign up to a package so you know just how ‘unlimited’ it is. If you’re not sure, get in touch with us.


  1. How do I switch broadband provider?

    The process of changing your broadband provider is actually pretty straightforward. First, you put your postcode into our impartial comparison tool. We’ll display the broadband, phone and TV deals available where you live, and then you can use our search filters to narrow down the options and find the perfect package for your household. Finally, you sign up with your new provider online. They’ll contact your existing provider and take care of everything else for you (unless you're switching to or from Virgin Media).

    The actual switch should be virtually seamless, and in the vast majority of cases it is. Your new broadband provider will send you all the stuff you need to get set up, like a new wireless router and/or TV set-top box.

  2. Why can’t I get fibre optic broadband?
    Superfast fibre optic broadband is slowly making its way across the UK as part of a nationwide roll-out part sponsored by the government. Currently, around 80% of the country has access. You can use our postcode checker to see whether fibre optic broadband’s reached your area yet. That's the most likely reason why it's not available to you, but it could also be due to living in a rural area, in an awkwardly-placed property, or just too far away from a street cabinet.
  3. Why can’t I get Virgin Media?
    Virgin Media has its own separate cable network to deliver the provider’s broadband, phone and TV services, which now covers a little over half of the UK. If you live in a town or city, or at least a built-up suburb of one, then chances are you’ll have access to Virgin Media. The network is always growing, though, so if you can’t get it now, that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to get it in the future. Enter your postcode into our comparison tool to find out if Virgin Media is available where you live.
  4. How long does it take to switch broadband?
    When you sign up to a new provider, they’ll contact your existing one and request a transfer of your service. The only exception is when you're switching to or from Virgin Media, in which case you'll have to call and cancel. While switching times vary depending on the type of package, it shouldn’t usually take more than 10 working days. It can take longer if you don’t currently have a phone line, as an engineer will need to come out and install one for you.
  5. Can I keep my email address if I change provider?
    This depends entirely on who your current provider is. If your email address is from BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, or Plusnet, you'll still have access to your emails at least temporarily - but we'd suggest changing over to a free service like Gmail or Outlook so you don't need to worry about losing all your emails just for switching broadband. See our guide for more info.