Is Plusnet any good in 2022? Our Plusnet review in a nutshell

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It’s got low prices, good customer service, and plenty of charming Yorkshire folk - but is Plusnet worth getting?

It can be tough to choose a broadband provider - it's an industry steeped in loads of complicated jargon, after all - but we're here to make it easy for you. Here's what we think of what Plusnet has to offer, down to the nitty-gritty.

Plusnet broadband review


Plusnet is one of the lowest priced broadband providers in the UK.

Cost-wise, you'll find Plusnet alongside the likes of TalkTalk and EE, and usually lower than BT, Sky, and Virgin Media. Deals and special offers regularly pop up across the board though, so that may not always be the case. Check and compare deals for your postcode to see what's cheap for you right now.

Either way, here's what prices for Plusnet look like currently:

Online exclusive Unlimited Fibre Extra
New customers only Offer ends 17/08/2022
Online exclusive Unlimited Fibre
New customers only Offer ends 17/08/2022
New customers only Offer ends 17/08/2022
New customers only

*Average speeds are based on the download speeds of at least 50% of customers at peak time(8pm to 10pm). Speed can be affected by a range of technical and environmental factors. The speed you receive where you live may be lower than that listed above. You can check the estimated speed to your property prior to purchasing.


Plusnet broadband is available in three speeds (average download speeds listed): 10Mbps (ADSL broadband), 36Mbps (fibre optic broadband), or 66Mbps (fibre optic broadband).

That's pretty standard – much the same as what's available from Sky, TalkTalk, and Now Broadband – but hardly the fastest on the market.

Providers like BT, EE, Virgin Media and Vodafone offer gigabit (1Gbps, or 1,000Mbps) broadband in select locations, and offer speeds in the region of 150Mbps much more widely across the UK.


With Plusnet, you either get a Hub One router (with fibre optic broadband) or a 2704n router (with ADSL).

The 2704n is… well, it’s a router. It’s a little outdated, but it does the trick. You’ll be able to get online and connect a bunch of devices to your Wi-Fi without a hitch.

The Hub One is a step up. It’s basically a re-skinned version of an old BT Home Hub model – Plusnet tends to get hand-me-downs from its sibling company. Despite being a few years old, it’s got decent specs, and it’s more than good enough to handle fibre speeds.

The Wi-Fi works well, with dual-band AC wireless so that compatible gadgets can get a faster connection.

Again, you’ll get better from bigger names like BT, Sky, and Virgin. But for the price, Plusnet’s hardware isn’t to be sniffed at.

Plusnet Hub One router

Customer service

Plusnet is renowned for its customer service, not just for its high quality but also for its fully UK-based call centres.

Ofcom reports consistently rate customers’ satisfaction with the service as above average, backing up the provider’s claims.

Plusnet home phone review

All Plusnet broadband comes with basic line rental and pay-as-you-go calls. There’s the option to add:

  • Evening and weekend UK and mobile calls
  • Unlimited UK and mobile calls
  • 300 anytime minutes to international numbers

There’s nothing too complex here, especially as nothing beyond simple line rental is included as standard. And there are better options if you need a robust home phone package.

But it’s all fairly on par with other similar broadband providers – both in terms of what you get and what you’ll pay for it.

Plusnet TV review

Plusnet has sadly done away with its Plusnet TV service, which used to give you extra TV channels via a YouView box.
It does have one thing up its sleeve for you to watch, though…

BT Sport

One particularly nice boon with Plusnet TV is that you can get BT Sport for a good price.

BT Sport football stadium advertisement

You can add the full pack either through Sky TV if you subscribe, or via the app – available on mobile, tablet, games consoles, various smart TVs, and other gadgets.

It’s a little annoying that you can’t just add it to your regular TV package (unless you’re a Sky customer), but certainly a welcome extra.


  • Plusnet Mobile - Low-cost mobile SIM plans are available from Plusnet, and if you're a broadband customer, you can get a plan on its even lower-cost Mates Rates.
  • Security - All its broadband packages come with Plusnet SafeGuard, which blocks dodgy website and gives you some parental controls; and you can add Plusnet Protect for virus protection on up to eight devices too.

Pros and cons of choosing Plusnet broadband


  • One of the cheapest broadband providers
  • Choose between standards ADSL or fibre broadband, with decent speeds to suit many households
  • Free router works well, especially the Hub One
  • You can add BT Sport to you broadband at a great price
  • Highly rated customer service, backed up by Ofcom data
  • Widely available throughout the UK


  • Not the fastest speeds on the market
  • Not many extras – it’s just quite simple broadband
  • The free router isn’t as good as those from some providers
  • No longer offers TV packages

Our verdict

If you're after low-price broadband, Plusnet is one of the best providers out there.

Download speeds are akin to some of the more costly providers, customer support is excellent, and, according to Ofcom, its service garners very few complaints. And the ability to get BT Sport ain't bad either.

It's definitely missing a lot of the stuff you can get with other providers - like free public Wi-Fi, or ultrafast speeds, or the extra TV service a number of providers can offer. What you do get, though, is pretty decent.

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