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Sky Sports: everything you need to know

When it comes to TV sport, Sky Sports sits at the top of the table. Not only does it show the biggest competitions and events in the most popular sports, it’s led the way in making sports on television a bombastic art form in itself.

Although owned by Sky, it’s not exclusive to that TV service. In fact, you can get access to Sky Sports from almost every pay TV provider in the UK, and even some on demand services. Read on, and we’ll take you through how to find the best Sky Sports offers, what sports you can watch, and loads more useful information.

How much does Sky Sports cost?

Sky Sports is available in quite a few ways, and what it will cost you depends on what you want, how you get it, and when you look.

For example, if you just want sports, and don’t care about other TV channels, recording functionality, and other such bells and whistles, you should probably look to NOW TV or TalkTalk TV.

On the other hand, if you want loads of extra entertainment channels, box sets, movies, online features, the ability to record hours-worth of shows and the best slickest tech out there, Virgin Media or Sky itself would be our pick.

And if you have Sky TV and only want to watch one or two sports, you can save a bit more money by only subscribing to a couple of channels.

There are often special offers available, so you should compare deals to make sure you’re getting the best price right now. Use the postcode box at the top of the page, or head over to our sports page to get going:

Compare TV sports packages

Which providers offer Sky Sports?

One of the best things about Sky Sports is how easy it is to get it. Most pay TV providers in the UK give you access to channels, and there’s also online services like Now TV for more casual sports fans.

Below is a table overview of what you can get from each provider. We’ll go into more information below that.


Sky Sports channels

BT Sport available?

Contract length



Sky Sports News, Sky Sports Mix; option to add full Sky Sports, or up to three channel packs: Premier League, Football, Cricket, Gold, F1, or Action and Arena

Yes - buy through BT directly once your service is active (see more)

18 months

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Virgin Media

Full Sky Sports, Sky Sports Mix


12 months

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Sky Sports Main Event and Extra (Infinity only)


12 months

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Full Sky Sports

Yes - buy through BT directly once your service is active

18 months

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Full Sky Sports


1 day, 1 week, or 1 month pass

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Sky Sports on Sky

You can get Sky Sports with Sky TV. That may be the most bloomin’ obvious thing we’ve ever written, but there’s nothing wrong with dotting the Is and crossing the Ts. It can be added to any TV package, but to watch in high definition you’ll need the pricier Box Sets Bundle and HD pack.

You've got the option between the full pack, giving you a big suite of 10 channels; or up to three channel packs of your choosing, which costs a little less.

However you get it, you’ll get all channels, as well as Sky Go access. That lets you watch online via computer, smartphone (though you'll need a big data allowance), tablet or - if you add Sky Go Extra - games consoles. Plus, if you really want to maximise your sports intake, you can add on BT Sport - find out how to do that here.

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Sky Sports for existing Sky customers

If you’re already signed up to Sky, you can add Sky Sports on at pretty much any time. Head over to our existing customers page to see some of your options:

Sky Sports deals for existing customers

Sky Sports on Virgin Media

The entire Sky Sports suite can be added to any Virgin Media package - though you’ll have to pay a little more to get it in HD. If you’re a true sports fanatic, then the VIP bundle comes with Sky Sports and BT Sport together - you’d never miss a match again.

Virgin Media is really good for sport, and its broadband is blisteringly fast, but that does come at a price. That’s why it’s essential to compare all the deals before you buy - there may be an offer or deal available that can lead to compelling savings.

Compare Virgin Media deals

Sky Sports on TalkTalk

You can get the entire Sky Sports suite by adding the Sky Sports Boost to any TalkTalk TV package. TalkTalk is one of the most flexible ways to get Sky Sports - its boosts operate on a monthly basis, so you can cancel channels or add them again at any time.

The provider’s TV service doesn’t have as many features as Sky or Virgin Media - its tech is less slick, recording functionality is limited on the cheaper end packages and it doesn’t have as many channels available overall - but it’s also usually cheaper.

Compare TalkTalk deals

Sky Sports on BT

Two Sky Sports channels are available on BT - Sky Sports Main Event and Extra - and they’re only available if you take a BT Infinity fibre optic broadband package. While there are fewer overall channels, Sky Sports Main Event is the premier sport channels - it's where you find all the biggest matches and events. Plus, Sky Sports Extra lets you watch a load of Premier League games.

And, of course, BT has its own sports service - BT Sport, which also has Premier League matches, as well as UEFA Champions League.

Compare BT deals

Sky Sports on NOW TV

NOW TV is owned by Sky, so it should come as no surprise that Sky Sports is available on the service. There are quite a few different ways to get it too. Three sports passes are available - a day pass, week pass or rolling monthly pass. You watch online via laptop, smartphone and tablet app, some smart TVs, streaming sticks and games consoles - so you have access to sporty goodness pretty much anywhere you go.

You can even get Sky Sports bundled with broadband. This gives you a Freeview set top box, as well as access to Sports and any other channels you subscribe to.

Compare NOW TV deals

What’s the cheapest Sky Sports package?

If you’re choosing a package purely on price, your best options are likely to be TalkTalk or NOW TV. Both specialise in affordable broadband, and let you change your TV options throughout the course of your contract, so you can splash out and cut back your spending as needed.

That said, special offers can change all that so make sure you compare your options before settling on a package. You can do that right here:

Compare all Sky Sports packages

Can I get Sky Sports and broadband?

You can. In fact, bundling TV and broadband together is a good way to save money on both services. Plus, there’s only one bill to deal with each month making it easier to manage your finances.

If you’re a big family, live in a shared house, or are a heavy downloader, we’d recommend a fibre optic broadband package. The fast speeds will be welcome, and let you stream sports, on demand box sets and more at the best quality.

Compare broadband and TV deals

What can I watch on Sky Sports?

The following list is far from exhaustive, as the range of live coverage and programmes you get on Sky Sports is huuuuuuuuuuge and subject to change due to new rights deals being agreed and old ones running out, but it should give you a decent idea of what you’ll be able to watch.


Premier League - Sky Sports will show more than 100 matches from The Best League In The World™ each season. The rest show on BT Sport.

Capital One Cup - Sky Sports is the only place you can watch Football League Cup matches - including the final - live.

Coppa Italia - BT Sport may have Serie A, but you can watch Italy’s equivalent of the FA Cup live on Sky Sports.

England, Wales, Northern Ireland teams - Follow our nation's teams in qualifiers and Nations League matches exclusively on Sky Sports.

English Football League - Watch 112 live matches on Sky Sports per season, as well as 15 from the EFL Cup.

Eredivisie - You can watch 2-3 live matches a week from the top flight of Dutch football on Sky Sports.

La Liga - If you’re a tiki-taka enthusiast, Sky Sports is for you, showing as it does around four matches a week from Liga BBVA.

MLS - Sky Sports nabbed the exclusive live rights to the top-flight of US and Canadian soccer from BT Sport until 2019.

Read more about getting football on TV.


Several major boxing events are available to watch on a pay-per-view basis through Sky Sports Box Office. The top events will cost you £19.95.


International - You can watch England tours, one day internationals and series on Sky Sports, as well as the Cricket World Cup and Women's World Cup.

IPL - And you can watch 60 live matches a year from the Indian Premier League.

County Championship, T20 Blast, and One-Day Cup - Sky Sports will show live matches from all.


The Open Championship - Sky Sports broadcasts live coverage of all four days’ play at the Open, exclusively.

US Open

PGA Tour - Sky Sports has exclusive rights to this too.

Ryder Cup

US Masters - You get all four days live with Sky Sports.

Motor sport

Formula One - Sky Sports is the only place you can watch every practice session, every qualifying session and every race live. Some will air on Sky Sports Mix this year, though.




European Rugby Champions Cup - Live coverage of the Heineken Cup’s replacement is split between Sky Sports and BT Sport, with all 10 games for each pool shared.

Sevens World Series

The Rugby Championship

Super League - Catch 80 live games per season.


ATP World Tour - Various live tournaments throughout the year.

International Premier Tennis League

Can I watch Sky Sports online?

If you get Sky Sports from Sky, Virgin Media or NOW TV, you can watch it online.

Sky lets you use Sky Go - available on computers, smartphones, tablets and - for an extra fee - other devices like games consoles (find out more about that here).

Virgin Media gives you Virgin TV Anywhere, available on smartphones, tablets and computer.

And NOW TV works like Netflix or iPlayer - you can watch on tablets, mobiles, laptops, streaming sticks, games consoles and more.

Can I get a Sky Sports one day pass?

You can get one day Sky Sports passes from NOW TV. They’re perfect if all you want is to watch a particular match or one-off event.

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What’s good about Sky Sports?

  • It’s the only place you can watch almost all the biggest competitions and events from the most popular sports
  • The breadth of its coverage and programming is unrivalled in the UK
  • There are a bunch of different ways you can get it
  • You can get it without having to commit to a contract
  • Production and presentation generally innovative and slick

What’s bad about Sky Sports?

  • It’s expensive
  • Losing the UEFA Champions League means it’s no longer as comprehensive as it once was
  • Sensationalist style can be a little grating

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I switch broadband provider?

    The process of changing your broadband provider is actually pretty straightforward. First, you put your postcode into our impartial comparison tool. We’ll display the broadband, phone and TV deals available where you live, and then you can use our search filters to narrow down the options and find the perfect package for your household. Finally, you sign up with your new provider online. They’ll contact your existing provider and take care of everything else for you (unless you're switching to or from Virgin Media).

    The actual switch should be virtually seamless, and in the vast majority of cases it is. Your new broadband provider will send you all the stuff you need to get set up, like a new wireless router and/or TV set-top box.

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    Virgin Media has its own separate cable network to deliver the provider’s broadband, phone and TV services, which now covers a little over half of the UK. If you live in a town or city, or at least a built-up suburb of one, then chances are you’ll have access to Virgin Media. The network is always growing, though, so if you can’t get it now, that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to get it in the future. Enter your postcode into our comparison tool to find out if Virgin Media is available where you live.
  4. Can I get Sky Sports with BT Infinity?
    You can add Sky Sports 1 and 2 to any BT Infinity with BT TV package for a monthly fee.