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Sky existing customer deals

Why upgrade your Sky package?

  • Get up to 350+ channels
  • Boost your broadband speed
  • Watch full series on demand
  • Watch TV in more rooms with Sky Multiscreen
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Existing Customers:Sky Broadband + Calls

£18.00 p/m for 18 months
£19.95 setup costs, 18 month contract

Sky Broadband Shield included!
  • Average 11Mb broadband speed
  • Truly Unlimited downloads
  • Only for existing Sky TV customers

Sky Upgrade Offers

  • Upgrade to Sports

    Watch Premier League football, Test cricket, Formula One and more with 10 amazing sports channels

    More information
  • The Family Bundle

    Get loads more to watch with 50+ entertainment channels, and 300+ box sets of top TV shows!

    More information
  • Multiscreen

    Watch TV in more than just one room by upgrading to Sky Multiscreen

    More information
  • Sky Cinema

    Put the silver screen on the small screen with Sky's dedicated movie channels

    More information

Sky upgrades explained

If you’ve ever seen a cheesy rom-com, you know how it goes. The lead character spends 90-odd minutes looking for their true love, before ultimately realising that The One is the friend who’s been with them all along. Cue emotional music, happy endings and lots of kissy stuff.

A solid formula and one that - believe it or not - can also apply when trying to get more out of a broadband or TV package. Look, just stick with us here, all right?

At broadbandchoices, we write a lot about how to find great value broadband and TV deals by switching providers. But sometimes the best option for improving your service can be found (cue sappy music) …at the provider you’re been with all along. See? Just like a rom-com, albeit with less kissing (although what happens between you and your router is your business).

Sky has loads of ways to upgrade your service, from extra channels on your TV, to superfast broadband with impressively nippy speeds.

What Sky upgrades can I get?

So you’re signed up with Sky for broadband, TV, or possibly even both, but you’re not satisfied your package gives you everything you want. Good news - it’s a problem easily remedied. You can upgrade your package at any time.

Broadband upgrades

If you have Sky TV, with broadband from another provider, you can switch to Sky broadband at any time - it’s a good idea because bundling services together can typically save you… well, a bundle. Alternatively, if you already have broadband and want to give it a boost, you can do that too. Either way, here’s what you can get:

  • Broadband Unlimited - Use the internet as much as you like without worrying about pesky download limits or Sky slowing down your connection at peak times. Get it here.
  • Fibre - superfast broadband that’s perfect for families, people in shared houses, or anyone who likes to get the best out of the web. More information can be found here.
  • Sky Fibre Unlimited - Sky’s best broadband gives you blisteringly fast download speeds and no limits, so you can watch on-demand TV online, play games and connect as many gadgets as you like with total peace of mind. Get it here.

For more information about Sky broadband, check out our guide.

TV upgrades

If you want to add Sky TV to your package, or expand the number of channels you have access to, a simple upgrade will do the trick. Here’s just some of what you can get:

  • Box Sets - If you want more to watch, this’ll do it. You get more than 350 box sets covering some great shows like Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks, Penny Dreadful, Big Little Lies, and more. See the upgrade here.
  • Sky Q - Sky's most comprehensive TV service of all gives you so much more. You can stop watching in one room, and pick it up in another; control everything through an app; and even upgrade to a 2TB box for a ridiculous amount of storage space.
  • Sky Sports - Gives you up to 10 Sky Sports channels, showing Premier League football, Capital One Cup, Test Series cricket, every single Formula One race, European rugby, top-flight golf and more. Grab all 10 channels, or get just one or two to save money. Check it out here.
  • Sky Cinema - Gives you 11 channels devoted to films, from the latest superhero throw-downs to heart-warming Disney classics. Sky typically snaps up the big blockbusters first, so if you want the most recent films to watch on TV and on demand you need Sky Cinema. Get it here.
  • Sky Go Extra - Every Sky TV package comes with Sky Go, which lets you watch live TV and on demand shows or films from the channels included in your package. Upgrading to Sky Go Extra lets you do a lot more with it - it’ll let you access it on more devices, watch Sky TV on games consoles, and download shows to watch offline later. Click here for more.
  • Sky Multiscreen - Who wants to just watch TV in one room these days? Upgrade to this and you’ll get a Sky Multiscreen HD set top box, which lets you use Sky TV in other parts of the house. Plus it also includes Sky Go Extra, so you can use a games console to extend your viewing to even more rooms. Get more information here.

Should I upgrade my Sky package?

If there’s one thing we can say about Sky, it’s that it does a lot of stuff. Broadband stuff, on demand stuff - it has stuff coming out the wazoo. So as a general rule, if you want more Sky stuff, check out the upgrades.

But if you want some more considered advice, here you go:

Get an upgrade if:

  • You want everything on one bill - if you take broadband and TV from different suppliers, you may want to get both together. Not only will it potentially work out cheaper, you’ll also have just one bill to deal with. Less hassle can only be a good thing.
  • You want faster broadband - fibre optic broadband is fantastic if you use the web a lot. It’s more reliable than cheaper broadband, and fast enough that you can have multiple people use it at the same time without it becoming unusably slow. If you watch a lot of on-demand TV, or play video games, it’s highly recommended.
  • You want more TV channels - If there’s a particular type of programme you or someone in your household wants to watch, kids’ shows or documentaries for example, you should upgrade to a package that gives them to you.
  • You’re a film buff or sports fan - if you’re really into films, Sky Cinema is the best option there is on TV, with the latest releases coming to the service first. Sky Sports has a little more competition from BT Sport, so whether it’s worth it for you depends on which sports you’re into. But for sheer quantity, Sky really can’t be beaten.

Don’t upgrade if:

  • Your budget won’t allow it - all of these upgrades will raise your monthly bill, so don’t get one if you can’t afford it.
  • You’re not happy with your current service - if you’re dissatisfied with the service you’ve received from your provider, it may not be the best idea to upgrade as you’ll be stuck with them even longer. In those cases, looking for alternate options that get you the channels or broadband you want would be a good idea - you can get Sky Sports from other providers, for example.
  • You’re at or near the end of a contract - if your contract term is over, or nearly over, it may be better to find a new package that gives you everything you want for less money than sticking with what you already have. Make sure you compare deals before making any decision.

Not a Sky customer?

Take a look at what you can get from Sky, and compare deals:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I switch broadband provider?

    The process of changing your broadband provider is actually pretty straightforward. First, you put your postcode into our impartial comparison tool. We’ll display the broadband, phone and TV deals available where you live, and then you can use our search filters to narrow down the options and find the perfect package for your household. Finally, you sign up with your new provider online. They’ll contact your existing provider and take care of everything else for you (unless you're switching to or from Virgin Media).

    The actual switch should be virtually seamless, and in the vast majority of cases it is. Your new broadband provider will send you all the stuff you need to get set up, like a new wireless router and/or TV set-top box.

    For more info, see our guide: How to switch broadband

  2. Can I save money switching provider?
    We make it our business to find a great choice of deals for consumers - switching may, and often does, mean you can get a cheaper deal on your broadband, phone or TV service, especially if you take out an exclusive or limited-time deal.

    However, for some customers, cost isn’t the biggest issue. It is a matter of getting more for their money - a faster connection, free calls, higher usage allowance, more digital TV channels for example. It all depends on your needs, and the best thing about our switching service is that you can set your preferences so the packages offered will be tailored to suit your particular needs be that price, or speed, or additional features. Hey presto - happy customers with the right packages for them.

    Compare broadband provider deals

    See our pick of the best broadband deals here

  3. How do I get fibre broadband?

    Exactly the same way you'd get regular broadband. Put your postcode into our comparison tool to see what’s available where you live:

    Fibre optic broadband

    You’ll need an active phone line for the majority of fibre services, such as BT Infinity, as they’re delivered through that.

    The main exception is Virgin Media, which doesn't require a phone line because it uses a separate network. Once you've found a package that ticks all the boxes, click through to the provider’s website and sign up. Then it won’t be long before you’re all set up.

  4. Can I keep my email address if I change provider?
    This depends entirely on who your current provider is. If your email address is from BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, or Plusnet, you'll still have access to your emails at least temporarily - but we'd suggest changing over to a free service like Gmail or Outlook so you don't need to worry about losing all your emails just for switching broadband. See our guide for more info.
  5. Can I keep my phone number if I switch provider?

    Yes, you can normally keep your existing number if you switch from one provider to another. However if you're a cable customer or need a new line, you may need to get a new one.

    For everything you need to know, see our guide: Can I keep my phone number?

  6. How do I get BT Sport?
    BT Sport is available to add on to any BT TV package, and is completely free of charge with its top-end package.

    The full BT Sport suite is available for a monthly subscription with Sky TV or Virgin Media TV.

    For more information and deals, see our full guide to BT Sport.