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Sky broadband

We've gathered all the details you'll need to contact Sky for help with your broadband or information about Sky products and services...

General assistance

If your enquiry is simple and straightforward, try Sky's online help centre. Browse help topics, or select "Ask a question" for help from Sky's virtual assistant.

Live chat with a Sky adviser

You can chat online with a Sky adviser by selecting "Chat now" when the "We're here to help" pop-up box appears as you enter the Sky broadband website. Alternatively, from the Sky shop you can select the Live Chat link in top right-hand corner of the screen.

Need technical help?

If your broadband connection has suddenly dropped, or you're having technical difficulty, there are people at Sky who are trained to help fix the problem.

For online technical help:

From the Sky help centre you can access a wide range of guides and information that may help solve or guide you through common issues with broadband and other Sky services, including assistance with your account and billing.

Sky customer service numbers

General customer service: 03442 411 653. Calls to all these numbers are free if you have Sky Talk, or the same cost as calls to 01 and 02 numbers if you don't.

Sky TV

  • 03300 412 526 for general Sky TV problems
  • 03300 412 527 for issues with your TV PIN
  • 03300 412 528 for issues with your Sky viewing card
  • 03300 412 529 for general info
  • 03332 022 135 to cancel
  • 03300 412 558 to make a complaint
  • 03300 412 568 for help with Sky TV Apps (like Sky Go)

Sky Broadband

  • 03300 412 544 for Sky broadband problems
  • 03300 412 545 for Sky Wi-Fi hotspots
  • 03300 412 546 for Sky Email queries
  • 03300 412 552 for Sky Broadband Pro queries
  • 03300 412 559 to make a complaint

Sky Talk (home phone)

  • 03300 412 553 for general help and queries
  • 03300 412 556 to cancel
  • 03300 412 557 to downgrade your package
  • 03300 412 561 to make a complaint

Sky ID

  • 03300 412 571 if you've forgotten your Sky ID username or password
  • 03300 412 572 for all other Sky ID queries

Sales and orders

To purchase Sky products or services online, or upgrade the ones you've got, either click through from broadbandchoices and follow the steps on its website, or call Sky on: 

  • 03442 411 653 for Sky TV
  • 03300 412 547 for Sky Broadband
  • 03300 412 554 for Sky Talk (home phone and landline)

Accounts and billing

For help with your account or bill, either call Sky's automated self-service phone line on 0333 202 2133; or to speak to a Sky expert, call 03442 411 653.

Moving house

To enquire about taking your Sky subscription to a new address, call 08442 411 899 (UK) or 0818 71 98 93 (Republic of Ireland). Alternatively, visit Sky Home Move.

Alternative points of contact

Sky's customer support community forums

Sky's community forums contain huge amounts of information on all things relating to Sky products and services, so it's worth taking a look to see if your question can be, or has already been, answered.

Social Media

You can contact Sky on Twitter by tweeting @SkyHelpTeam - where Sky staff are ready to respond with advice 7am-11pm every day. Or, go to Sky's page on Facebook.

By email

You can email your question to the help centre via your Sky email.

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