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Sky deals

Why choose Sky Broadband?

  • Sky's "best ever router" included
  • Dedicated Switch Squad for an easy, hassle-free switch
  • Stay safe online with free Sky Broadband Shield
  • FREE Wi-Fi from thousands of UK hotspots

Sky:Broadband Unlimited

£18.00 p/m for 18 months
£9.95 setup costs, 18 month contract

Sky Broadband Shield included!
  • Totally unlimited broadband
  • Dedicated Sky Switch Squad
  • Sky Hub included

Why Sky?

Sky ( as we know it today was formed back in 1990 as a satellite TV provider, and is now the most popular subscription TV provider in the UK with over 10 million customers - double that of its nearest rival.

In between, it pretty much made sports TV what it is today - as well as playing a part in the formation of the Premier League - with Sky Sports, while Sky Cinema became the place to see the biggest films on TV first.

In 2005, Sky began doing broadband too, which allowed it to start offering catch-up and on-demand films and TV, and it’s continued to innovate, helping to blaze a trail for the likes of digital recording, HD, 3D and online television.

What does Sky do?

Sky TV

Sky TV is undoubtedly Sky’s signature product - it’s the biggest subscription TV service in the country, it has just about everything anyone could want to watch - especially when it comes to films and sports. It incorporates just about every feature you could want (recording, catch-up, on-demand, HD, 3D, online, on your phone) and is so ubiquitous even your dad knows a Sky dish when he sees one.

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Its newest, and most comprehensive, TV service is Sky Q. This gives you the best set top box yet with a superior interface, a super-advanced remote control, and loads more features - including the ability to access TV, on-demand and recordings all over the house; connectivity with your phone to play music and display photos on the telly; box sets; apps; and web videos.

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Sky Broadband

While Sky may not be as well known for broadband as it is TV, it’s still the second most popular broadband provider in the UK. Basic Sky Broadband comes in two flavours - Sky Broadband Unlimited, which, perhaps unsurprisingly, is unlimited broadband; and Sky Broadband Connect, which you can get if you live outside Sky's network area.

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Sky Fibre

If Sky Broadband don’t got enough pep for your online action, you can go fibre optic with Sky Fibre, which again comes in three forms - Sky Fibre for a basic boost, Sky Fibre Unlimited for a boost you can make the most of, and Sky Fibre Max for a double boost you can make the most of.

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Sky Talk

This is Sky’s home phone service. It comes with all Sky Broadband and Sky Fibre packages, though you can get it on its own too. For a little more, you can even upgrade to Sky Talk Evenings and Weekends Extra, which gives you inclusive calls to UK landlines and mobiles on Saturdays and Sundays and every evening; Sky Talk Anytime Extra, which means you can use those inclusive calls whenever; or Sky Talk International Extra, which includes calls to 50 international destinations too.

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Sky Sports

Sports fan? You need Sky Sports - still the biggest sports TV service in the UK, and the place to watch the Premier League, Formula One, and more. Get it with Sky TV; add it on to a Virgin Media TV, BT TV, TalkTalk TV package; or grab a NOW TV Sports Pass.

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Sky Cinema

Meanwhile, if you're more of a film buff, Sky Cinema offers a selection of channels that play nothing but movies all day - including some of the newest blockbusters before they reach any other streaming service. Again, you don't even need Sky TV or Sky Broadband to get it. It's available on a variety of pay-TV services, including through NOW TV with an Entertainment Pass.

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Sky existing customer deals

Good news if you’re already subscribing to a Sky service - the provider offers exclusive deals for existing customers too. These are special deals or additional services that are only available to Sky households, and give you extra stuff at better value than a standard package. Upgrading can be less hassle than switching, and getting more from the same provider can mean lower monthly bills.

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What’s good about Sky?

  • Sky Sports has exclusive rights to more big matches and sports events than anyone else
  • Sky Cinema gets all the big films before other TV channels and online subscription services
  • Sky TV is available almost everywhere
  • Sky Q is super comprehensive and packed with features, like fluid viewing
  • You can also get just about any and every channel available in the UK
  • Sky Broadband is widely available
  • Sky line rental is generally among the cheapest charged by big providers in the UK

What’s bad about Sky?

  • Sky TV is expensive - if you want sports you can’t get anywhere else, big films before you can watch them anywhere else and hundreds of channels, it’ll cost you
  • If you want Sky TV, you’ll have to have a satellite dish put on your home - there’s no other way of getting it right now
  • You need an engineer to install Sky TV for you - you can’t do it yourself
  • Sky Broadband has had problems with overcapacity in the past
  • Sky Fibre isn’t as widely available as fibre optic broadband from other providers, such as BT

Compare the latest Sky deals

Sky review

When it comes to overall customer satisfaction, which is based on the latest results of our Customer Satisfaction Survey, Sky scores four stars out of five. It scored well for the clarity of its pricing and billing, quality and reliability, online security features, quality of router, service activation and value for money, but not for speed.

Sky customers have told us that, while it provides good customer service and they rarely have problems, it’s expensive.

See our full Sky review for more.

Providers like Sky

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Frequently asked questions about Sky

  1. Can I get broadband without a phone line?
    Cable giant Virgin Media is the only major UK provider to offer broadband without a telephone line. Its fibre optic network is completely separate from the copper phone wire network that ordinarily connects you to the web. Aside from this, the only alternative is to use mobile broadband instead - then you have no requirement for a landline. But, if your internet use is anything other than particularly light, this might just prove to be too slow or too restrictive to need your needs.

    See broadband-only deals here
  2. How do I switch broadband provider?

    The process of changing your broadband provider is actually pretty straightforward. First, you put your postcode into our impartial comparison tool. We’ll display the broadband, phone and TV deals available where you live, and then you can use our search filters to narrow down the options and find the perfect package for your household. Finally, you sign up with your new provider online. They’ll contact your existing provider and take care of everything else for you (unless you're switching to or from Virgin Media).

    The actual switch should be virtually seamless, and in the vast majority of cases it is. Your new broadband provider will send you all the stuff you need to get set up, like a new wireless router and/or TV set-top box.

    For more info, see our guide: How to switch broadband

  3. Can I save money by bundling TV, phone and broadband?
    Yes you can. Providers like Sky and Virgin Media offer competitively priced bundles, comprising broadband, home phone and TV, and getting all three services from the same place often leads to significant savings. It also makes it easier to manage finances, as all services come on a single bill.
  4. How do I get fibre broadband?

    Exactly the same way you'd get regular broadband. Put your postcode into our comparison tool to see what’s available where you live:

    Fibre optic broadband

    You’ll need an active phone line for the majority of fibre services, such as BT Infinity, as they’re delivered through that.

    The main exception is Virgin Media, which doesn't require a phone line because it uses a separate network. Once you've found a package that ticks all the boxes, click through to the provider’s website and sign up. Then it won’t be long before you’re all set up.

  5. Can I keep my email address if I change provider?
    This depends entirely on who your current provider is. If your email address is from BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, or Plusnet, you'll still have access to your emails at least temporarily - but we'd suggest changing over to a free service like Gmail or Outlook so you don't need to worry about losing all your emails just for switching broadband. See our guide for more info.
  6. Can I keep my phone number if I switch provider?

    Yes, you can normally keep your existing number if you switch from one provider to another. However if you're a cable customer or need a new line, you may need to get a new one.

    For everything you need to know, see our guide: Can I keep my phone number?

  7. How do I get sports channels?

    There are multiple sports channels in the UK, with the biggest being Sky Sports and BT Sport.

    Sky Sports is available at an extra monthly cost on Sky TV, BT TV, TalkTalk TV, Virgin Media TV, and Now TV. Read our guide for more info.

    BT Sport, which also includes ESPN, is available on BT TV, and for an extra monthly cost on Sky TV and Virgin Media TV. Read our guide for more info.

  8. How do I get movie channels?

    Sky often has the first TV broadcast rights for big movies, so if you want to see the latest blockbusters first, you’ll need Sky Cinema - which you can get through Sky, Virgin Media, BT, and TalkTalk TV packages for an additional monthly charge.

    Most TV providers also offer new home entertainment releases to view on a pay-per-view basis. Bear in mind, you may need a broadband connection to access some of these services. See our guide for more info.