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Apple’s range of 2022 iPhones are expected to offer much improved cameras, better battery life and more power. And if rumours are to believed, we’ll finally see the back of the display notch too.

iPhone 14 release date

Apple's iPhone 14 range is due to land in September 2022.

History tells us to expect the grand unveiling (complete with all the bells and whistles to which we’ve been accustomed), to take place during the first or second week of the month.

The Apple event that marks the phones’ debut is streamed live and typically starts around 6pm UK time.

iPhone 14 price

Price points are hard to come by. But by way of reference, the iPhone 13 started at £779, while the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max were priced £949 and £1049 respectively.

As discussed further below, there’s talk that the iPhone 13 Mini (SIM-free price: £679) is the last of its kind. So the standard iPhone 14 model will be the cheapest option.

iPhone 14 rumoured specs

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Here we’ll run through the main improvements that the tech-news rumour mill suggests are coming our way later this year. Sit tight, here we go…

iPhone 14 screen

Rumours indicate Apple will this year ditch the iPhone Mini model this year, reportedly due to worse-than-expected sales for the iPhone 13 Mini.

That means the iPhone 14 line-up will consist of a standard model, as well as Max, Pro and Pro Max editions.

The standard and Pro are reputed to feature 6.1-inch displays, while the Max and Pro Max will come in at 6.7 inches.

All phones are expected to use OLED technology. While the Pro and Pro Max are also reputed to do away with the irksome notch that eats into the display.

iPhone 14 design

Not much change here. All signs point to the iPhone 14 line looking a lot like the current iPhone 13 range.

The only really noteworthy changes reputed to be looming are that the Pro and Pro Max could replace the notch with a punch-hole camera.

However, we’ve also heard that Apple could get rid of the protruding rear camera module. Which would be a welcome change that'd minimise the possibility of scratches.

iPhone 14 camera

According to one of the best connected iPhone leakers, the Pro and Pro Max will have triple-lens cameras, with one of the lenses coming in at 48-megapixels.

That’s a major upgrade from the 12-megapixel number that’s on board their iPhone 13 predecessors.

Winningly, this will be capable of recording 8K video footage to give your mini movies a really professional look and feel.

The other models will likely be equipped with a dual-lens camera.

iPhone 14 battery

Leaks about iPhone 14’s battery capacity are thin on the ground. But it’s fair to expect all three phones to have better battery life.

That’s lent extra weight by rumours that the phones will have a new 5G chip that will result in lower power consumption.

Assuming Apple finds a way to shrink the 5G chip, that’ll also leave more room for a larger battery.

Some sites are claiming that Apple could do away with a charging port altogether, effectively forcing you to invest in a wireless charging pad. We’ll file this one under pie in the sky for now.

iPhone 14 processor and specs

All three forthcoming iPhones will reportedly come with a powerful A16 processor that’s significantly brawnier than the iPhone 13.

The extra power that the processor brings could clear the way for better AR apps, as well as smoother graphics and a zippy, more responsive user experience all round. We could be in for better maps too.

Talk also indicates that they could have satellite connectivity. Assuming that’s so, users would be able to access emergency contacts in the event they're out of range of WiFi or mobile networks.

iPhone 14 storage

Not much to go on here. Although we have heard chatter that the highest end Pro phones could have as much as 2TB of storage.

So if money’s no object and you need a lot of capacity, that’s something to look forward to.

As for the other models that make up the iPhone 14 range, we anticipate the entry-level editions of the standard iPhone 14 will start at 128GB.

iPhone 14 deals

You’ll be able to compare iPhone 14 deals here, just as soon as the phones go on sale.

If you can’t wait that long to get a new smartphone, we’d suggest you take a look at deals for current Apple phones in our easy-to-use comparison tables.

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