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  • Virgin Media logo

    What is Virgin Media Gig 1 Fibre broadband?

    Virgin Media recently completed the first stage of its Gig 1 rollout in Southampton – a service that will provide 100,000 homes with ultrafast broadband. But how much faster… More »

  • 5G

    Will 5G replace fixed-line broadband?

    As 5G broadband dominates the tech headlines, it seems the days of fixed line broadband may be numbered. But is 5G really a viable alternative? How much faster is… More »

  • Free broadband icon

    Where can I get free broadband?

    The last time I bought broadband, I got a package with free broadband - I just had to pay line rental. Do any providers still do this? Is there… More »

  • Cricket ball and grass

    How to watch the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

    I want to watch the Cricket World Cup, but don’t want to pay a lot of money for the privilege. How can I watch the remaining matches? And can… More »

  • Text message

    What is 'text to switch' and how does it work?

    From July 1st, mobile phone users will be able to switch their provider via text message. According to Ofcom, this will make the ordeal of switching easier and faster.… More »

  • BT Sport vs Sky TV icon

    Can I get BT Sport on Sky?

    I’m already with Sky and watch a lot of football on Sky Sports. My friend says I should add on BT Sport next season starts because they have some… More »

  • Censored laptop

    The UK porn block - everything you need to know

    What’s all this about a ‘UK Porn Block?’ Does this mean X-rated sites will soon be banned in the UK? More »

  • Broadband upload speed icon

    Which broadband has the fastest upload speeds?

    Which broadband provider has the best upload speeds? I'm trying to choose a package and most providers only seem to mention download speeds! More »

  • VOXI logo

    What is VOXI - and should I get a plan?

    What's VOXI? Should I get a plan with them? What kind of deals do they offer? More »

  • Distance from the exchange icon

    Can distance from the exchange affect broadband speed?

    BT has told me my broadband is painfully slow because I live a long way from the exchange. I can’t seem to find out where my telephone exchange is… More »

  • Game of Thrones

    How do I watch Game of Thrones season 8?

    How do I watch the final season of Game of Thrones? I NEED to find out what happens before the internet spoils it for me! More »

  • Horse racing

    How do I watch the Aintree Grand National 2019?

    How do I watch the Aintree Grand National on TV this year? Which channels can I watch it on, and will it be in HD? More »

  • Virgin Media Intelligent Wi-Fi

    Virgin Media's Intelligent Wi-Fi - everything you need to know

    I understand Virgin Media recently rolled-out a feature called Intelligent Wi-Fi. What's it all about? And, more to the point, how much will it cost me? More »

  • Champions League logo

    Where can I watch the 2019 UEFA Champions League final?

    How do I watch the Champions League final at home? Do I need to sign up to Sky Sports or BT Sport or is there a way to watch… More »

  • Boost WiFi

    Ask our expert: What can I do to improve my wireless broadband?

    My wireless broadband is really slow. I've reset my router and tried a few other things, but none of them have worked. How can I make my Wi-Fi faster?… More »

  • Wimbledon logo

    How do I watch Wimbledon 2019?

    How can I watch Wimbledon on TV this year? Is it on the BBC as usual? Which channels can I watch it on, and will it be in HD… More »

  • Wi-Fi

    BT Complete Wi-Fi - is it any good?

    I’ve heard BT are guaranteeing strong Wi-Fi signal in every room and I’d like to know how it works, and how expensive it is. More »

  • Virgin Media network map

    Can I get Virgin Media in my area?

    I’m thinking of getting Virgin Media broadband and TV, but apparently it isn’t available everywhere. How do I find out if I can get it for my house? More »

  • Ask our expert logo

    What's the cheapest way to get Sky Sports?

    I want to watch the football, but I'm on a bit of a budget - what's the cheapest way to get Sky Sports? Which provider sells it at the… More »

  • Sky loyalty scheme icon

    What is the Sky VIP loyalty scheme and is it any good?

    I got a thing saying that Sky has a new loyalty scheme. I think it looks pretty good, but what exactly can I get, how do I get it,… More »