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    What's the cheapest way to get Sky Sports?

    I want to watch the football, but I'm on a bit of a budget - what's the cheapest way to get Sky Sports? Which provider sells it at the… More »

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 9: should you believe the hype?

    There’s been plenty of excitement surrounding the new Galaxy Note 9 over the last few weeks. But as its release date draws nearer, what new features does it… More »

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    Can I get BT Sport on Sky?

    I’m already with Sky and watch a lot of football on Sky Sports. My friend says I should add on BT Sport next season starts because they have some… More »

  • Annoyed woman with phone

    How do I free up storage space on my phone?

    I keep getting the dreaded “your phone storage is full” message on my smartphone whenever I try and take pictures or download something new. What can I do to… More »

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    Why is broadband more expensive in rural areas?

    I was trying to change broadband and found that it costs [REDACTED] - loads more in my area than the rest of the country. What the [REDACTED] - how’s… More »

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    Can I keep my old email address when I switch broadband provider?

    I’m currently with BT broadband and was given a BT email address when I signed up. However, I am now planning to switch internet provider. Would switching mean I lose… More »

  • Woman on a train

    Can I get Wi-Fi on the train?

    I have a five-hour train journey this week, and I’d like to keep occupied by doing some work - but can I use the internet on the train? More »

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    What is TalkTalk’s phone number?

    Hi there. What’s TalkTalk’s telephone number? I’ve found several on their website, but I’m not sure which one I should call… More »

  • SIM Card

    How do I switch from my monthly mobile contract to SIM-only?

    I’m trying to save money on my phone contract. How do I go about changing from my current contract to a SIM-only plan, and is it worth it? More »

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    How do I watch the 2018 World Cup

    I want to watch the World Cup. How can I watch it online and on TV? More »

  • Football

    What is Amazon’s Premier League football deal?

    I hear Amazon will be showing Premier League football from 2019. What’s it all about? More »

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    Where can I get free broadband?

    The last time I bought broadband, I got a package with free broadband - I just had to pay line rental. Do any providers still do this? Is there… More »

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    How do I upgrade to the new Virgin Media TV V6 box?

    I read that Virgin Media has a new TiVo box out. Is it worth getting, and if so how do I go about doing that? Thanks for your… More »

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    Can I keep my phone number if I change broadband providers?

    I want to change my broadband to something a bit cheaper, but I don’t want to have to change my phone number. So my question is… can I keep… More »

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    Can I keep my phone number if I move house?

    I’m moving house and my landline provider said I can’t keep my current phone number. I am fuming. I’ve moved before and been able to take my phone number… More »

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    I live in the city centre - why can’t I get fibre broadband?

    I just moved to a flat right in the centre of my city, and just found out that I can’t get fibre optic broadband. What’s up with that? The… More »

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    How does fibre optic broadband work?

    I’m thinking about switching to fibre optic broadband, but I don’t really understand it all. How does fibre work? And should I get it? More »

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    How can I stop my kids from seeing inappropriate websites?

    How can I stop my kids from seeing inappropriate websites? Can I block the websites on their computers, but keep them unblocked on mine? More »

  • Is line rental saver worth it icon

    Is line rental saver worth it? Should I pay for a year upfront?

    My broadband provider lets me pay for a whole year’s worth of line rental upfront, right now. Should I go for it? Is this a good deal? More »

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    Broadband speed advertising is about to change - but how?

    I heard that broadband speeds are changing soon - is that true? Will this affect me and my internet at home? More »