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  • Distance from the exchange icon

    How does distance from the exchange affect broadband speed?

    BT has told me my broadband is painfully slow because I live a long way from the exchange. I can’t seem to find out where my telephone exchange is… More »

  • VOXI logo

    What is VOXI - and should I get a plan?

    What's VOXI? Should I get a plan with them? What kind of deals do they offer? More »

  • Game of Thrones

    How do I watch Game of Thrones season 8?

    How do I watch the final season of Game of Thrones? I NEED to find out what happens before the internet spoils it for me! More »

  • Horse racing

    How do I watch the Aintree Grand National 2019?

    How do I watch the Aintree Grand National on TV this year? Which channels can I watch it on, and will it be in HD? More »

  • Virgin Media Intelligent Wi-Fi

    Virgin Media's Intelligent Wi-Fi - everything you need to know

    I understand Virgin Media recently rolled-out a feature called Intelligent Wi-Fi. What's it all about? And, more to the point, how much will it cost me? More »

  • Champions League logo

    Where can I watch the 2019 UEFA Champions League final?

    How do I watch the Champions League final at home? Do I need to sign up to Sky Sports or BT Sport or is there a way to watch… More »

  • Boost WiFi

    Ask our expert: What can I do to improve my wireless broadband?

    My wireless broadband is really slow. I've reset my router and tried a few other things, but none of them have worked. How can I make my Wi-Fi faster?… More »

  • Wimbledon logo

    How do I watch Wimbledon 2019?

    How can I watch Wimbledon on TV this year? Is it on the BBC as usual? Which channels can I watch it on, and will it be in HD… More »

  • Sky loyalty scheme icon

    What is the Sky VIP loyalty scheme and is it any good?

    What exactly is Sky’s VIP loyalty scheme? how do I get it, and is it worth sticking with them for it? More »

  • Wireless light router

    How do I make my router more secure?

    Virgin Media told me I need to change my router password due to security concerns. Is there anything else I need to do - or can do - to… More »

  • Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

    How many ‘cores’ does a smartphone need?

    What does it mean when smartphone companies boast about multiple ‘cores’ in a mobile phone? And do I really need eight of them? More »

  • Man texting from a pool holiday

    Can I use my Three mobile abroad?

    I have a contract with Three and I’m about to go on holiday. Can I use my phone while I’m there? How much will it cost me? More »

  • Using a smartphone at a festival

    What's the best festival phone?

    I’m going to Glastonbury, but I don’t want to take my iPhone 7 - I’d be worried about it getting broken or nicked. What’s the best ‘festival phone’ to… More »

  • Boxing gloves

    How can I watch the McGregor vs Khabib fight?

    I’ve been looking forward to the McGregor vs Khabib fight for weeks, but I don’t know how to watch it. Can you tell me what channel it is… More »

  • Contract and phone

    How do I find out when my mobile contract ends?

    Last year I signed a mobile contract with EE but can’t remember exactly when the contract started, and when it ends. How do I find out? And will I… More »

  • Ask our expert icon

    I'm moving outside Virgin Media's cable area - help!

    I will be moving from St Ives in Cambridgeshire to Chepstow. I am currently six months into a phone and broadband contract with Virgin Media. My current contract includes… More »

  • Piracy skull screen

    Are torrent downloads legal in the UK?

    My teenage son downloads music, movies and games using a 'torrent' program. Could he be breaking the law? I've read horror stories about parents being forced to pay huge… More »

  • Samsung logo

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9: should you believe the hype?

    There’s been plenty of excitement surrounding the new Galaxy Note 9 over the last few weeks. But as its release date draws nearer, what new features does it… More »

  • Annoyed woman with phone

    How do I free up storage space on my phone?

    I keep getting the dreaded “your phone storage is full” message on my smartphone whenever I try and take pictures or download something new. What can I do to… More »

  • Why is broadband in rural areas more expensive icon

    Why is broadband more expensive in rural areas?

    I was trying to change my broadband recently and found that it costs loads more in my area than the rest of the country. Is that right? How’s that… More »

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