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TalkTalk Business

Why choose TalkTalk Business?

  • 7 day UK business support
  • Only pay for the calls you make
  • Industry leading network security
  • Totally unlimited broadband

TalkTalk Business: Simply Business Broadband

£18.00 p/m first 12 months, £24.00 p/m for months 13-24
£8.99 setup costs, 24 month contract

7 day UK business support
  • 7 day UK business support!
  • Static IPs just £1 a month
  • Now with no activation fee - previously £50!

TalkTalk Business broadband, calls, and mobile

Need a flexible internet and phone line plan for your business - one that will grow and change as the company does, but remain good value? Take a look at TalkTalk’s ( business packages. With basic broadband, Ethernet, and all kinds of calling plans available, you’re bound to find something to suit your business, whether it’s a restaurant chain or a call centre or an office. Here’s the lowdown of what TalkTalk has got on offer.



Basic broadband connections from TalkTalk are ideal for small businesses, or ones that require internet but aren’t dependent on it. Two packages are available, both of which can be connected as either ADSL or fibre optic. On an ADSL line you’ll get download speeds of up to 17Mb and upload speeds up to 1Mb - much like a TalkTalk home broadband deal. With a fibre line, download speeds are up to 76Mb and upload speeds are up to 20Mb. Both also include phone line rental.

  • Simply - Includes pay-as-you-go calls and one static IP address on request.
  • Complete - Includes unlimited calls, up to four static IPs, and a bunch of features chucked in - like premises move and business call features. So it’s better for slightly more phone-heavy businesses.

Both have totally unlimited downloads and no web traffic management, so you can browse, download, and conference call as much as you need to without worrying about usage caps or slow connections. You’ll also get WorkSafe internet security thrown in, as well as the Talk2Go app to use your landline minutes via your smartphone.


If regular broadband won’t quite cut it and you need a more reliable connection, TalkTalk offers Ethernet services too. An Ethernet connection has far more consistent bandwidth, and its upload and download speeds are the same. That makes it perfect for VoIP calls, cloud-based services, streaming, broadcasting - and moving large amounts of data quickly and reliably. It’s basically a leased line style connection without the price tag.

Ethernets are fully fibre optic, and come in three different forms from TalkTalk Business:

  • Ethernet over FTTC connects you to the usual fibre optic network in your area via a street cabinet. It’s essentially the same as a home broadband connection, only with more consistent and synchronous speeds, since you’ll have a dedicated bandwidth allocated for just your workplace. The two speeds available are up to 10Mb or up to 20Mb. Ethernet over FTTC is a good choice for businesses in residential areas where the fibre network is already laid down, like shops, restaurants, home businesses, and small offices.
  • Ethernet in the First Mile is much higher capacity than FTTC broadband, but without quite the capacity (or price) of a full Ethernet connection. Speeds are either up to 10Mb or up to 20Mb. It’s a good middle ground for a business that needs greater reliability than FTTC, but can’t justify going full Ethernet.
  • Ethernet connections are fibre optic Ethernet all the way, with speeds ranging up to 1Gb. This is the best option if your business needs to be online consistently and reliably 24/7, where losing the internet would mean everything grinding to a halt.


Got multiple business sites, all of which need to be connected and transfer lots of data to each other? You may benefit from an MPLS IPVPN solution.

What this means is that TalkTalk will manage a network for you, connecting all of your work sites, on multiple types of line if necessary, to a secure data centre, allowing them to communicate and send high volumes of data to each other. It’s private, and scalable, so the network can grow or shrink along with your business. And since the network is tailored to each business and priced accordingly, contracts are very flexible.

Voice and calling services

Calling services from TalkTalk Business include not just phone line rental, but also VoIP-based packages - and there’s a lot of choice.

First off are packages for basic phone lines, tailored for business use with options to add anytime calls, extra lines, or inclusive minutes. You’re also able to add and remove channels on demand - which is great for flexibility, and especially for seasonal businesses where you need more phone lines at certain times of year.

But if you’re after something more complex than that, you could go for a complete business phone system, in which TalkTalk partners with different telecoms companies to build the best comprehensive solution for you. These are best suited for workplaces where a multiple people need their own phone - so, most offices.

For better call quality, a voice over Ethernet line is a good option. Because it works through Ethernet rather than traditional phone lines, it means easier management of high call volumes over a single line. It also makes it simpler to add and remove lines, not to mention more reliable.

TalkTalk Business also offers inbound solutions, which will manage the security and reliability of calls to your business. It’s ideal if your office deals with customer service, or even if you just get a lot of calls from clients and partners.

And of course you can grab some business numbers that are easy to remember and jot down - memorable ones, in blocks, including non-geographic and revenue sharing numbers.

Hosted services

As if all that isn’t enough, TalkTalk offers hosted services too, so you don’t have to manage all your data and telecoms yourself. The services available are:

  • Hosted data centres, for storing and protecting data
  • Hosted contact centres, to help route calls and manage communications on different sites
  • Hosted unified communications, to deal with the full range of communications across multiple sites
  • Hosted call recording, ideal for training staff and improving your customer service

Business mobile

When it comes to TalkTalk mobile, business customers get a few little extras. There’s business-grade customer service and tech support, and superfast 4G on Vodafone’s network, so your mobile broadband will be nice and speedy.

The main attraction is the SIM-only deal - one of the best value SIMs on the market that gets you unlimited calls and texts and a healthy 3GB of data.

Or if you want to grab a handset too, TalkTalk also do plans on some of the top flagship phones, including iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy range. All include unlimited calls and minutes, but you can choose between Small, Medium, and Large plans for mobile data.

Likewise, there are Small, Medium, and Large data plans for tablets too - the Large of which will give you 20GB of data each month. Most tablets are free when you take out a 24-month contract.

What’s good about TalkTalk business?

  • Fibre optic network means internet connections are superfast
  • Simple straightforward pricing plans, and some of the cheapest line rental in the UK
  • Unlimited calls available on phone plans
  • Truly unlimited downloads on all broadband and Ethernet packages
  • Synchronous speeds and static IPs often available as standard
  • All its services have flexible packages, so you’re guaranteed to find a cost-effective solution that suits your business as it grows or changes shape
  • Great value mobile deals on some top devices, including flagship phones and tablets, with speedy 4G
  • 24/7 UK-based tech support and customer care

What’s bad about TalkTalk business?

  • Not available everywhere - full Ethernet even less so
  • Not as many options for small businesses, or ones that need a more basic connection
  • Lots of choice and flexibility means it’s a bit complicated and not always easy to understand what kind of package you need
  • Limited range of mobiles and tablets available

Switching to TalkTalk Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is business broadband?

    Business broadband packages are designed to cater for workplaces, including offices, rather than homes. They are typically tailored to support multiple users, and offer additional features such as inclusive website domain names, email accounts, static IP addresses, comprehensive technical support, and more.

    Compare business broadband packages here

  2. What do I need from business broadband?

    Every company is unique, and every company will likely need slightly different things from their broadband. There are, however, a few constants that are likely to benefit any type of business:

    • Speed - A dawdling connection will cost you time, money and likely cause widespread annoyance to boot. Check both average download speeds (how long it takes to retrieve data from the web) and average upload speeds (how fast it is send information from your computers over the web) when researching packages.
    • Unlimited usage - In business, you don’t want to be held back by how much you can download. Fortunately, most business broadband providers offer unlimited downloads.
    • Technical support - Many business broadband packages offer comprehensive technical support, so you can get advice, and have things up and running as soon as possible.

    You can compare business broadband packages here.

  3. How do I get a business broadband package?
    That’s where we can help. Simply enter your postcode into our comparison service, and we’ll automatically find the best deals available in your area. Then it’s a simple matter to compare options and find the best package for the best price. Click the package you want, and we’ll send you straight to the right place on the provider’s website. Easy, simple and hassle-free.
  4. Can I use a home broadband connection for my business?

    If you have a home office, work as a sole trader, or work freelance, you may find that a home broadband package is adequate for your needs. The important thing is to consider how you’ll use it and the impact that will have. If you’re using your connection for business as well as your family’s personal use, for example, what will this mean for speeds or download limits?

    On the other hand, some kinds of business will need the special features offered by a business package. An email server will need a static IP address, for example.

  5. Can I have a second phone line installed?

    Yes, it's possible to get a second phone line installed into a property. There are many reasons you might want to do this - getting a business-specific line, or splitting your property into flats or rented rooms, for example.

    The cost of fitting a second line will vary depending on who your provider is, and you may have to wait a few days until an engineer is available to do the work. Contact the provider for more information.