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TalkTalk has branched out into the world of mobile phones, but is it anything to talk about? Well, with the full gamut of good value SIM-only plans and handset deals with no upfront costs - and special offers to boot - it could well be. Let's take a look.

You probably know TalkTalk ( for its simple, value-for-money packages. Since 2003 TalkTalk has been committed to offering broadband, phone, and TV bundles at affordable prices - and now it's expanding into the mobile arena too.

TalkTalk mobile plans

Let's start with a very important point: you can't get a TalkTalk mobile plan on its own. You can only pick one up if you're also a TalkTalk broadband customer.

Or if you become one, of course. If you sign up for a new TalkTalk TV package, which includes broadband and YouView, you're able to nab a mobile plan too. You can pick either a SIM-only plan, or a pay monthly one with a handset.

TalkTalk SIM-only deals

These are fantastic if you already have a mobile you like. There's no phone to pay off, so you don't have to pay as much each month as you do with one of the handset contracts.

TalkTalk offers a number of SIM-only tariffs, ranging from 125MB data a month right up to 1GB with 700 minutes and unlimited texts. You'll find plans on either a 12-month contract, or a rolling 30-day basis. 

What's more, TalkTalk regularly has special offers around mobile, so sometimes you may find data doubled automatically or even more plans available.

TalkTalk Mobile

150MB 300MB data

250 minutes

Unlimited texts


£3.95 a month

12 month contract

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TalkTalk Mobile

350MB 700MB data

750 minutes

Unlimited texts


£6.50 a month

12 month contract

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TalkTalk Mobile

1GB 2GB data

950 minutes

Unlimited texts

£15.50 £7.75 a month

12 month contract

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TalkTalk pay monthly phone contracts

TalkTalk offers an impressively broad range of handsets. These range from all singing all dancing uber-phones like the Samsung Galaxy 6 and Samsung Galaxy J3, to more affordable options like the Lenovo B.

All TalkTalk mobile phone deals include unlimited family calls, free calls to customer service, and free text alerts. Phones are available on 24-month contracts, with a choice of four tariffs - Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large - which can be tweaked depending on your needs.

J3 Image Samsung J3 8GB

150MB 300MB data

500 minutes

Unlimited texts

Free Samsung A7 Tablet

£10 a month for 6 months

£20.00 thereafter

24 month contract

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TalkTalk Mobile Phone Deal HTC One A9 Grey

300MB data

300 minutes

250 texts

Flash sale! Britain's lowest price!

FREE  for 3 months

£17.50 thereafter

24 month contract

Hurry offer ends today!

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samsung galaxy s6 Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB Black

500MB 1GB data

5000 minutes

Unlimited texts

£30 a month

24 month contract

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What's good about TalkTalk mobile?

  • Specialises in simple and affordable packages
  • Can bundle into your broadband, landline, and TV package for one simple monthly bill
  • Good selection of handsets to choose from with no upfront cost
  • SIM-only plans are perfect if you have a handset you want to keep
  • 30 day plans available - no contract, and can cancel whenever you want
  • Existing TalkTalk customers can pick up a SIM at any time

What's bad about TalkTalk mobile?

  • Can't have TalkTalk mobile plan on its own - only if you're an existing customer or taking out a broadband package
  • Not much in the way of extras - contracts are simple and free of frills
  • No iPhone deals available

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