Is EE fibre optic broadband any good?

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EE doesn’t just offer blisteringly fast 4G on its mobile plans - it can also give you even-blisteringly-faster fibre broadband in your home as well.

It’s quick, it’s reasonably priced, and it comes with a bunch of cool extras too. Here’s what EE has to offer on the fibre front.

What can I get from EE fibre?

There are two fibre broadband packages you can get from EE. They are…

  • Fibre and home phone - average download speeds of 36Mb
  • Fibre Plus and home phone - average download speeds of 67Mb, perfect for a big household with lots of gadgets

Both have totally unlimited downloads, and no traffic management whatsoever on EE’s main network. You’ll get an EE Smart Hub router chucked in, and a year’s subscription to Norton Security Premium - which gives you a bit of internet security for up to 10 devices. That includes protection for PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets.

They also include line rental, with pay-as-you-use calls. There’s the option to add calls to mobiles or international calling minutes too, if you’re so inclined.

On top of that, you can add some basic telly. EE TV gives you around 80 channels, and lets you pause, rewind, and record - there’s a whopping 1TB of storage in the TV box - as well as watch catch-up services and on-demand shows.

Plus, if you’re already an EE pay-monthly mobile customer, you get a little bonus when you take out broadband: a rather nice 5GB of extra mobile data each month.

What’s good about EE fibre?

  • Superfast speeds, perfect for families, people who live in a shared house, or just someone who wants to watch a lot of Netflix
  • Truly unlimited downloads on all packages, so you can browse as much as you like
  • Special deals for existing customers, and data boosts for EE mobile users
  • Lots of options for calls and home phone
  • Internet security from Norton included for one year
  • Can add on basic TV too

What’s bad about EE fibre?

  • Fibre broadband still isn’t available everywhere - use our postcode checker to see if you can get it
  • Even faster speeds are available from other providers, such as Virgin Media or Hyperoptic
  • Fibre contracts are a rather long 18 months
  • No calls included with line rental as standard - you'll have to pay extra for those

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