EE fibre optic broadband

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EE broadband

EE offers multiple superfast broadband packages, offering speeds of up to 38Mb or 78Mb and a number of usage options to suit both casual users and heavy downloaders.

About EE broadband

EE offers three fibre optic broadband packages. The cheapest offers download speeds of up to 38Mb, with a monthly download limit of 40GB.

The middle-tier fibre package also gives you speeds of up to 38Mb, but adds . This package is better for heavy users as it lets you use as much data as you like without worrying about going over a set limit and incurring penalties like additional charges or restricted access.

The third EE fibre optic broadband package ups the speed to up to 76Mb alongside unlimited downloads. Unlike some broadband providers that offer unlimited broadband, EE has no fair usage policy, so you really can download as much as you like. However the provider does manage network traffic at certain times to ensure all usersget a decent connection.

To compare the prices of EE packages, and see what deals are currently available in your area, use our postcode checker.

About fibre optic broadband

Fibre optic broadband is a faster, more reliable alternative to broadband through the telephone line.

It works by sending information down fibre optic cables instead of copper wire. More data can be carried over greater distances through these cables and it encounters less resistance, so you get broadband that's capable of faster speeds, and much closer to advertised speeds than 'traditional' broadband.

Benefits of fibre optic broadband

There are some very compelling benefits to a fibre optic broadband connection. For example:

  • Multiple users can go online at the same time, with considerably less impact on connection speeds
  • Online video and music services, such as BBC iPlayer or LOVEFiLM, will play faster, smoother and, depending on the service, in high-definition (HD)
  • An entire film can be downloaded in just minutes, or a music track in just a few seconds
  • Games can be downloaded in minutes, and gamers can play online without worrying about connection lag

EE fibre optic broadband availability

As with all fibre optic broadband packages, whether you can use EE's superfast broadband depends on where you live.  You can find out if EE is available in your area by using our postcode checker.

If EE's packages are not available where you live, don't despair. Providers are expanding their fibre networks all the time, and so it may come to your area in the future. The UK government has allocated £830million to give the UK the "best broadband in Europe by 2015" by funding fibre broadband in areas it's not cost-effective for commercial broadband providers to deliver their services. 

EE fibre optic broadband deals

Unlimited Broadband & Weekend Calls Unlimited Superfast Fibre & Weekend Calls Unlimited Superfast Fibre Plus & Weekend Calls
£259.00 Total first year cost £374.00 Total first year cost £422.00 Total first year cost
£21.00 p/m for 18 months £7.00 setup costs 18 month contract £28.50 p/m for 18 months £32.00 setup costs 18 month contract £32.50 p/m for 18 months £32.00 setup costs 18 month contract
Up To 17 Mb Up To 38 Mb Up To 76 Mb
Weekend calls inc. Weekend calls inc. Weekend calls inc.
5GB data boost! 5GB data boost! 5GB data boost!
Call EE on 0800 079 0562
Call EE on 0800 079 0562
Call EE on 0800 079 0562

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