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Is Vodafone mobile broadband any good?

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Looking for broadband when you’re out and about? Whatever you’re after, Vodafone probably has it. With some of the largest allowances on the mobile broadband market - and some very flexible options too - this is a network with plenty to offer.

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What can I get from Vodafone mobile broadband?

Vodafone runs the gamut of mobile broadband - you won’t be short on choice here.

Vodafone mobile Wi-Fi

Mobile Wi-Fi devices let you take the internet with you wherever you go, via a small, pocket-sized gizmo. It connects to 3G/4G and emits Wi-Fi, so you can hook up a handful of devices to the network. It’s like carrying around your very own Wi-Fi hotspot.

Vodafone gives you a choice between 3G or 4G devices - 3G costs less per month, but 4G will get you better, faster internet.

Either way, data allowances range from 2GB to a chunky 50GB per month. You can either take your device out on a 24-month contract, just like a mobile phone, or buy it outright with a 30-day or pay-as-you-go SIM card. With PAYG, you can buy data packs that last up to 90 days - that’s longer than PAYG data on most other networks.

Pay-monthly plans also include Vodafone Global Roaming, which lets you use your data allowance abroad in 40 destinations at no extra cost.

Vodafone dongles

Vodafone’s dongles are great for when you only need to get a single computer online. Stick one into the USB port, and it connects your PC to mobile broadband directly.

Like mobile Wi-Fi, dongles are available in either 3G or 4G form.

Data allowances are available from 2GB-50GB a month, on either 24-month contracts, 30-day plans, or PAYG. That includes Global Roaming if you choose a pay-monthly plan.

Vodafone iPad and tablet SIMs

Got an iPad or another kind of tablet that needs the internet? Whether you want a rolling one-month gig, a cheaper 12-month contract, or just pay-as-you-go, there are lots of data-only SIM plans available. Vodafone has an excellent array of deals on SIM cards for tablets that you can just slip into your device to get online. That’s perfect for using your tablet on the train, in a café, or at your gran’s house.

Again, monthly data allowances range from 2GB-50GB, and both 12-month and 30-day plans are available. Unlike most providers, Vodafone charges the same for all pay-monthly SIMs with the same allowance, whether they’re on a long-term or short-term contract.

How fast is Vodafone mobile broadband?

Speed-wise, Vodafone’s mobile broadband isn’t bad. OpenSignal and Ofcom both put its 4G at an average download speed of 18Mb - which isn’t the fastest around, but still pretty good considering standard ADSL home broadband goes up to speeds of 17Mb.

If you pick a 3G plan, meanwhile, you can expect speeds around the 5Mb mark.

Vodafone mobile broadband coverage

Although Vodafone doesn’t have the widest mobile coverage in the country, it isn’t that far behind. 4G coverage is certainly decent - around 88% of the population can connect, according to the network - and 3G is even more widespread than that, covering just about all of us. Check Vodafone coverage here.

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