Mobile broadband guides

Read guides to mobile broadband, including dongles, iPad deals and more.

  • Mobile tethering - The complete guide

    Need to get online when you’re on the go, but your phone screen is just far too small? Time to get tethering. Here’s how you can turn your smartphone… More »

  • Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots: How to get Wi-Fi on the go

    Mobile broadband devices, mi-fi, portable hotspots, dongles - whatever you call them, they’re great for getting online from just about anywhere. So what exactly are they, and are they… More »

  • Dongle

    A beginner’s guide to mobile broadband - Everything you need to know

    There are different kinds of broadband out there, and one of them is mobile broadband - so called because it uses mobile networks. And because you can carry it… More »

  • Dongle

    How to unlock a dongle and switch mobile broadband network

    Like mobile phones, a lot of mobile broadband devices - including dongles and portable Wi-Fi hotspots - are locked to a single network. Inconvenient, right? If you want to… More »

  • Car Wi-Fi icon

    Car Wi-Fi mobile broadband plans

    A car Wi-Fi device lets you turn your vehicle into a moving ball of wireless internet. Here's everything you need to know about it, including how to get it… More »