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Compare VOXI mobile deals

Compare VOXI mobile deals

There's a new mobile network in town, courtesy of Vodafone - and it's designed just for folks under 30. (Though you won't get booted off when you turn 31, VOXI assures us.)

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What VOXI's got is a range of SIM-only plans with some very special features to suit the younger generation's mobile needs. In other words, it focuses on data and all your favourite social media apps.

What can I get from VOXI?

You can get a SIM-only plan. VOXI just has a small selection of these on a range of data tariffs, but they all come with unlimited calls and texts, and they're rolling 30-day contracts so you can chop, change, or cancel your plan as you wish.

And you get another big bonus as well. Although you have a set data allowance, as long as you have a little of it left for the month, you can use certain social media apps for free. Any use of Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Viber, and WhatsApp won't contribute to your monthly data usage.

That's kind of an amazing deal, if those are the apps you use the most. Depending on your habits, you can essentially get unlimited data for the price of 2GB or so.

There isn't a lot of choice available from VOXI at this point. You can only get a tiny handful of SIM plans, and no handset contracts or cheaper long-term SIM deals are available - at least not at this stage. But with the flexibility its current plans allow, it's certainly worth giving VOXI a go if you're under 26.

VOXI coverage

Since VOXI comes from Vodafone, it uses the same network. That means it covers over 98% of the population, with almost that number able to connect to 3G as well.

4G coverage is a little lower, reaching somewhere between 80%-90% of the population.

One thing worth noting, however, is that Vodafone's network is known for its reliability: once you're connected, signal is far less likely to cut out, and calls almost never drop.

What's good about VOXI?

  • Flexible 30-day rolling plans
  • SIM-only, so you can use it in any unlocked phone
  • Low prices
  • Free use of eight social media apps
  • Unlimited calls and texts
  • Unrestricted tethering is allowed

What's bad about VOXI?

  • Only available if you're under 30
  • Not a lot of choice - there's only a few plans to choose from
  • Streaming video and audio still uses up data allowance
  • No handset deals (yet)